These 10 Free Apps Will Help You Improve Your Productivity

There are many ways for us to catch up with productivity. One of the easiest options is to have great productivity apps. These apps will certainly boost your productivity once you get accustomed to them.


You might think that this is just another messaging app but it is actually MORE than just a messaging app. Slack uses a cloud-based system to work efficiently. Through Slack, users will be able to send files to their superiors for a quick review and immediate digital signature.

No more waiting around for the right time to approach. It is the right time every time with Slack. Good communication is vital in life especially to be successful.

Additionally, you can join chat groups that are relevant to your niche or you can create your own workspace. For example, I am in one of the writing chat groups and it has been helpful in growing my writing gigs.

The basic version is free to use currently.


Wait, don’t you have a dinner to attend at Aunt Wendy’s now? What are you doing here? — Sounds familiar?

People seem to get a lot busier these days and it is not only about work. We often forget or miss out on family functions as we are unable to keep track of them.

This is where Calroo comes in to play. Calroo is a simple family organizer that encompasses messaging, calendar and to do list. With this app, you will be able to live a smoother double life — work and family.


Imagine doing accountings when you are juggling so much in your hands — shrieks. Life is difficult enough and it can be even more difficult when we have to keep track of our expenses.

Expensify can help you with its automated expense reporting system. The app allows you to scan receipts, has automatic approval workflows, and calculate reimbursements within 24 hours.

If you are still not convinced, any changes made in your accounting system are automatically synced with Expensify in real-time! This means you don’t have to worry about manually auditing your accounts when the tax season is near. This is a life-saver!


This app will help any leader lead more effectively. It is always difficult to provide feedback to your staffs without hurting their feelings or discouraging them. 15Five has been proven by psychology to help leaders with performance management solutions.

With a single touch, your whole team will be notified of top management’s priorities without missing anyone out while monitoring performance. What’s best is that 15Five offers a set of expertly crafted questions for weekly check-ins with team members. This feature itself helps leaders to check on team morale without worries.

Additionally, it allows leaders like you to recognize your staffs through fun tools. You no longer have to worry about another quarterly or mid-year review as every information is being stored in the cloud-based app to help you keep track.


Trello is the best free version of a digital post-it note. The idea of Trello comes from a small part of AGILE—a software development approach. Its simple and easy-to-use structure is suitable for personal and business purposes.

Not only does it help to keep your tasks organized, it can act as a reminder board of your life goals or productivity workflow. Trello can even be just a simple platform where you share your household chores with your partner and kids.

You can add to-do-list on our little board, colour label your tasks, add comments, and set reminders. An ultimate plus point to this app is how easy everyone can access, edit and comment on the same board.


Evernote is available on all platforms thus, making it one of the most accessible note apps ever.

Big projects are complicated. Evernote helps users to take notes whether it is through typing or text recording and share them in real-time. It features a web clipper that allows you to clip web pages, images, and PDF files into your note. Other than that, it allows users to do easy-search that includes handwriting and image search within the note document.

If you are worried about security, feel free to add a passcode to the app!

Google Apps

Whether it is Google Drive, Docs or Travel, Google apps are a must for any tech-savvy person! Create, share and collaborate directly using your Gmail account. Skip the whole registration process to proceed with the easiest way to work with others.

Just one app is missing from Google now… Still waiting on that Google Flights App to come true!


Bad at remembering names or simply just have a bad memory? Refresh will refresh your memory on all the details you need before you meet an important person. Details include interests, background, Facebook mutual friends, and profile photo.

An excellent way to avoid any misinformation! Sadly, Refresh is currently only available for Apple devices.


Similar to Trello, Producteev offers a free basic plan for task management. However, Producteev takes on a more serious and professional UX/UI design of its app.

Another fun thing about Producteev is its ability to change emails sent to it as part of your task board.


With so many apps to keep track with, IFTTT will help you put all your apps in one place. This app is a must-have to reduce a headache.

Besides that, IFTTT integrates your apps with your devices. Click here to read more on what IFTTT can do for you to sync it with your devices, which by the way I am very impressed.


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