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10 Weird Restaurants in the World To Absolutely Try Out

Image credit: Nick Turner@Flickr

Restaurants are places you go out to chill and experience some culinary delights. However, there are weird eateries all over the world that offer something more. These restaurants are built around themes that are so bizarre and weird, you just have to visit it at least once.

These restaurants are the pinnacle of human creativity. It just goes to show that we love being unusual once in a while, instead of taking ourselves seriously all the time.


1. Modern Toilet, Taipei, Taiwan

This is one restaurant that’s built around the whole idea of dining a commode. The entire restaurant is covered in toilet seat decorations, from the chairs you sit on to the shape of the serving bowls. It probably doesn’t help that they serve special chocolate covered soft-serve ice cream that’s shaped exactly like, well, you know.

Most of the dishes are pretty conventional stuff you’ll find in a Taiwanese restaurant. Except that they’re served in large toilet shaped bowls.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

2. Dans Le Noir?, London

Dans le Noir literally means ‘In the Dark’ in French. It’s actually a chain of restaurants that offer customers a dining experience in complete darkness. This is supposed to heighten their other senses like smell and taste. Apparently when you don’t see what you’re eating, you tend to savor it differently.

Dining in the dark isn’t for everyone. Some people love it immediately, while others feel very insecure about losing their sight when eating. Either way, the restaurant has received mostly positive reviews for having very supportive staff.

Image credit: Hawthorne Hotel

3. Devil Island Prison, China

Devil Island was once known as a notorious prison for political exiles in China. Now, there’s a restaurant named after this prison and it’s decked out in a prison theme. Diners are led to tables that are placed behind bars and there are metal chains everywhere.

Apparently the whole idea of this restaurant is to deter people from committing crime and landing up in a real prison themselves.

Image credit:


4. Swallowtail Butler Cafe, Japan

Butler themed cafes are popular all over Japan. They’re the answer to Maid Cafes and attract plenty of women. Here, you’ll be treated like a princess. Usually, the butlers are all good-looking, well groomed gentlemen who have been trained to act like professional butlers.

Apart from being able to interact with these butlers, diners will be served a delectable course of tea and pastries. Even the interior is made to look like something out of a fairy tale.

Image credit: Fun! Japan

5. Hajime Robot Cafe, Bangkok, Thailand

Hajime is a restaurant in Bangkok serving Japanese food, including various sushi and rice bowl sets. What makes this restaurant unique is the presence of four robots who serve customers through glass windows. Every hour or so, the robots stop what they’re doing and perform a dance.

Customers pay a fixed fee and can order anything they want through an interactive screen, and then the food is served by these robots that look like Samurais. The experience has diners coming back for more, especially since the robots themselves seem really friendly.

Image credit: Psycho Youth

6. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

Located more than 16 feet below sea level, this restaurant will leave you swimming. It seats only about 16 people, and you can dine with real sea life around you. Unlike other underwater restaurants that have aquariums surrounding them to create the illusion of being under water, Ithaa is truly located under a legit part of the Indian Ocean.

This fully gourmet restaurant serves dishes with veal, chicken, and of course, seafood. The roof is made of thick acrylic and is checked on a regular basis so you don’t have to worry about your safety.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

7. Robot Restaurant, Shinjuku Tokyo

This is probably one of the loudest and most colorful restaurants in Shinjuku, one of the most happening shopping districts in Tokyo. For a fee of about $50 to $75 you can treat yourself to a meal and full parade show lasting about an hour or more.

There are brightly lit robots of all shapes and sizes, fire breathers, dancers and much more to entertain you. There won’t be a boring minute and all the acts are pretty family friendly.

Image credit: Nick Turner@Flickr

8. Kayabuki Tavern, Japan

Kayabuki is the Japanese word for monkey and far from just being a name, this Izakaya or tavern is staffed by a bunch of real monkeys. The tavern owner initially started with only two Macaques who were trained to bring hot towels to customers. However, animal rights law state that they can only work for two hours a day.

Since then, the owner has hired more Macaques to cover the shifts. They’ve been trained to perform many other tasks, but mainly the monkeys go around posing for photographs while wearing their server uniforms.

Image credit: Earth Tripper

9. Dick’s Last Resort, United States of America

Usually, people who dine out want a peaceful and enjoyable experience. Not at Dick’s Last Resort. This American restaurant chain has servers that are purposely rude to you. People actually pay for this novelty experience and consider it a treat.

There are currently 7 Dick’s restaurants and they serve mainly Southern cuisine which includes fried chicken, sandwiches and burgers. The entire service is meant to be sloppy enough so that diners get a good laugh out of it.

Image credit: Dick’s Last Resort Website

10. Ninja New York

Ninja is a fine dining Japanese restaurant in New York, where diners can choose whether they want to dine in the regular ‘serious’ way, or they want to dine the ‘Ninja’ way. If they choose to dine Ninja style, they will be brought down to a dark dungeon and served by waiters dressed in black ninja costumes.

These ‘ninja’ servers will be rolling around in the dark, appearing out of hidden corners with your food and drinks. Just be careful not to get hit by a shuriken on the way out!

Image credit: Phu Nu Today

For a great foodie experience, you should always go out of your comfort zone. Travel the world for new culinary experiences that you won’t regret. For delicious food that you can get on a tight budget, check out our budget Michelin Star restaurants list.



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