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9 Things You Can Do With a Coffee Machine Apart From Making Coffee

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Home coffee machines are heaven sent for coffee lovers. However, if you’re not a coffee drinker then you won’t know what to do with a coffee machine. This list will help you make full use of that machine without wasting it, especially if you have received it as a gift.

This guide will also come in useful if you have nothing else to cook with, such as if you’re living in a student dorm or visiting a hotel room.

Coffee Machine Coffe Coffee Machine
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A home coffee maker needs you to pour some room temperature water into a special built-in container. The heating element in the machine boils the water.Then, it’s dripped over the filter area where the ground coffee is placed.

The coffee then drips slowly into the pot( or carafe) beneath where a warming plate keeps the coffee warm. This warming plate isn’t too hot and functions at a temperature between 75 -80 degrees Celsius. This plate does come into use for certain things you can cook.

Let’s start looking at the stuff you can make with this versatile machine:

1. Instant Noodles

Sometimes known as instant ramen, this is probably the fastest thing you can make with a coffee machine. All you have to do is first break the dry noodles and place it into the pot.Add any condiments like dried veggies here too. Don’t add the seasoning or soup powder. This should be placed in the coffee filter area. Add about 2 cups of water to the reservoir. Then, just turn the machine on. Make sure you throw away the used coffee filter when you’re done.

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2. Veggie Soup and Toast

Chop up some veggies like potatoes, cauliflowers and carrots. Dump them into the carafe or pot. Add water to the reservoir and just turn on the coffee maker. You may want to add some salt and pepper, and even a chicken stock cube to the carafe to make the soup.

This soup takes some time to complete, so leave it on for several hours until the veggies get soft. Once the soup is done, take the carafe off the warming plate. Use the warming plateĀ  to toast some bread to dip it into the soup.

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3. Hard Boiled Eggs

Super heat the water by passing it through the heating element twice. You can do this by first passing room temperature water through the water. After it has dripped into the pot completely, pour it back into the reservoir to be heated a second round.

Once you have this super-heated water, put your raw eggs in and leave it on the heating plate for a further half an hour. Hard boiled eggs are great if you want to make egg salad sandwiches. You can also add it to salads.

Image credit: Cooking with your Coffee Machine

4. Hot Dogs or Sausages

Make a complete meal for yourself by heating up your sausages in the coffee machine. It’s pretty easy. All you have to do is place the frozen or cold hot dogs into the carafe. Make sure there’s enough water to cover the hot dogs by filling the reservoir to a maximum.

Turn the coffee machine on and wait for about an hour. Fish them out and they’re ready to eat. Be sure not to leave the hot dogs in the water for too long or else they’ll get soggy.

Image credit: Cooking with Your Coffee Maker

5. Poached Salmon and Vegetables

In this recipe, vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli are placed into the filter basket and salmon is placed in the carafe. Fill the coffee maker reservoir to the maximum and let it run. This should not take more than 10 minutes.

Once the first cycle is over, dump the water in the carafe and toss the vegetables in the basket to ensure even cooking. Run a second round of hot water.

Once it’s done, dump the water in the carafe and add any seasoning you want to the salmon like soy sauce, garlic, butter and ginger. Return the salmon in the carafe to the heating plate for at least another 5-10 minutes. Make sure the salmon is flaky and cooked through before consuming.

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6. Oatmeal

For a quick breakfast recipe, place a bowl of quick cook oatmeal beneath a coffee machine. Place one or two cups of water into the reservoir and then run the machine. You’ll have cooked oats in a matter of minutes. In order to spice up your oats, place fresh fruits on it or even some granola for an extra crunchy texture.

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7. Apples a la Mode

In this recipe, you’ll have to place some cut apples, raisins, honey and cinnamon into the carafe. Fill the reservoir with enough water to cover everything and turn the machine on. Insulate the carafe with aluminium foil to ensure that it cooks faster.

Turn on the machine and let it run for one round. After that, let the carafe sit on the warming plate for at least another hour. Once that’s done, remove the excess water and serve the apples and raisins with some vanilla ice-cream.

Image credit: Cooking with your Coffee Maker

8. Pancakes with Jam

Believe it or not, the warming plate on your coffee maker can function as a grill and fryer. Buy a ready made pancake mix and turn it into batter following the package’s instructions.

Place some aluminium foil on the warmer, spread some butter and fry your batter for at least 3 minutes on both sides. Serve the pancakes with your favorite fruits jam, or even some Nutella or Peanut Butter.

Image credit: Cooking with your Coffee Maker

9. Chocolate Fondue

This recipe is incredibly easy and anyone can do it. All you need to do is heat one cup of cream in the coffee pot on the warmer. This will take about 15 minutes. Once the cream is heated up, add chocolate bars or chocolate chips to the carafe.

Stir until all the chocolate has melted and thickened up. Return the carafe to the heating plate and leave it there for a further 15 -20 minutes and give it a final stir. The resulting fondue is a perfect dip for fruits, crackers, cakes or anything else you would like.

Image credit: One Crazy House

Are you surprised how versatile one coffee machine can be? Once you get to know the ins and outs of your coffee machine, you’ll probably be able to cook your own recipes on them. Let us know what you come up with in the comments.



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