15 things you can see only in China!


For Westerners, China and its culture are often fascinating, but many times and quite bizarre.

It seems that the Chinese always have something that can surprise the world public. These things are certainly proof of some bizarre and even shocking practices in that country:

1. In department stores, they sell whole sea dogs and crocodiles, despite the fact that they only eat some of these animals.

2. Police dogs replaced geese that the police introduced as an alternative in some parts of the country. They say they have a brilliant vision and general aggressive behavior.

3. In underground railways where chocolates and juices are most commonly in the west, live crabs can be bought. They are stored in plastic containers at a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius.

4. Traffic bursts are a constant sight in China, but their scale and amount of car really is terrible. If you are stuck in a traffic jam, you can call a service that will send two people. One of them will take care of your car, and the other will take you away on a motorbike.

5. Mental image of China is generally not very well, and many hours of work, sacrifice of private life and culture of denial of the problem result in a high suicide rate. To prevent suicide some companies install anti jumping nets around their buildings to stop workers killing themselves.

6. Ghost marriages is one of the bizarre practices in which the bodies are sold for thousands of dollars, all in order for families to arrange marriages for their deceased family members, as they believe that singles will have no luck in their afterlife.

7. Sell air in cans, which is a response to high levels of smog and total pollution in the country. It can be bought “with different flavors”. Also sell a wearable headphone-style air purifier.

8. While the rest of the world kill cockroaches, the Chinese are breeding their cockroaches on farms. They are used in traditional medicine, and their breeding is a growing business and a great investment.

9. Ghost towns are not unusual in China because their fast-growing construction industry has built so much that across the country there are entire cities without one inhabitant.

10. China has an impressive number of massive developments in the works. But all that new infrastructure and construction requires space, which means residents are sometimes forced to move in order to make room for new projects. Some people refuse to leave their homes. In China, these buildings that are left standing alone as development progresses around them are called “nail houses,” since they stick out like a nail that can’t be hammered down.

11. Some of China’s tourist attractions might look familiar. If you happen upon a Venetian canal, a Dutch windmill, or the Eiffel Tower during your stay, you’re not hallucinating. China has a knack for copying famous landmarks, and sometimes entire cities, from around the world.

12. Chinese people, has ability to fall asleep anywhere. Sleeping in public is completely socially acceptable in China, and it seems like Chinese people are just naturally able to block out sound and distractions. The fact that the whole country is sleep deprived probably contributes to the tendency to snore in public, although it could also come down to Chinese beds, which are hard and uncomfortable.

13. Unlike in other countries, people in China often choose to keep their pajamas on even when wandering around the streets.

14. Ridiculously cheap yet decent & functional phones. Any fake market or little store on the street will sell you a bare-bones smartphone, usually running on a “knockoff”, version of Android OS, for something like 150rmb, or US$25. Further up the market ladder, you can buy knockoff Samsung or iPhone models for about ⅓ of the real price.

While they’re generally of lower quality, once in a while you can get a genuine model that was left at the factory for one reason or another. In these cases, you’re getting a real Samsung Galaxy or iPhone for a huge discount!

15. Whiteface jobs in China are jobs where companies pay foreigners (typically those of European ancestry) just to show up. In many cases, these foreigners are paid handsomely to pretend to be teachers, doctors, or whatever they are needed to help companies impress clients. A company that can afford to hire and do business with foreigners has a step up over local competitors.


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