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12 Reasons That Make Japan A Weird Country

I love Japan for how strange the country is and can be. Most of the strangest news and photos that are seen on the internet often comes from Japan.

Some of their weirdness make me go wow though most them make me cringe and go WTF Japan! However, their strange culture and trends make the world a more interesting place to be.

1. Super weird game shows

Most of the Japanese game show shown in the below video will be allowed to be shown in any other countries except Japan. They contain gore, sexual and sometimes simply disgusting games such as Handjob Karaoke Game Show.

Enjoy the weirdness of Japanese TV!

2. Used underwear vending machines

Hentai! (Note: Hentai means pervert and not just Japanese anime porn)

Yes, Japanese people are open about their sexual needs and wants — or at least appear to be so. If you are visiting Japan soon, do not be surprised to find vending machines that sell used female underwear. If you are curious or interested to get one, look for the machine with the word gentleman on the top of the machine.

The starting price of the underwear is at 12 USD.

By Nesnad (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

3. Ultra expensive melons with weird shapes

Living in South East Asia, melons are often the cheapest fruits we buy. However, in Japan, a simple muskmelon that is similar to cantaloupe can cost up to a whopping 300 USD!

To make watermelons pricier, Japan has come up with ways to make non-rounded shape watermelons. Shapes include love, square, triangle, and melon gourd. One watermelon can easily cost about 160 USD!

Square watermelon at Mitsukosi Department store Tokyo Japan

4. Human dick cuisine

A 22-year old Japanese man, Mao Sugiyama is an asexual man who decided to had his penis removed. His genitalia was removed surgically in early April 2012.

In May 2012, Mao decided to serve his penis to the highest buyer or a group of 5 for a total of 987 USD. 70 people showed up for the ‘fine dining’ experience!

If you are wondering if this is against any laws, the answer is no. A police report was lodged against Mao and no investigations were made. Japanese police have advised that Mao has broken no law.

Screenshot from Dailymail UK. Click here or the image to read more.

5. Sex dolls as life partners

More and more Japanese men are giving up on real women as they find Japanese women heartless! In an interview between Masayuki Ozaki and New York Post, Ozaki mentioned that he cannot imagine himself going back to a real woman anymore and would like to be buried with his sex doll!

This explains why the country’s birth rate has decreased tremendously. Japan, you gotta sort your issues out!

Click the image below for the actual article in New York Post.

6. Shironuri

It is absolutely common to see a painted white figure in a movie. Although, in Japan, it is common to see girls dressed up all white and has paled out makeup on the streets of Harajuku.

If you see a shironuri girl at night, be sure not to mistaken her for a ghost!

Check out the below video for a tutorial on how to get this ghostly white look.

7. Bagel head trend?

This is one trend that I cannot seems to understand. But — hey, beauty is in the eyes of its beholder.

According to Wikipedia, this Bagel head trend is not of Japanese origin but Canadian. However, it was brought to Japan in 2007 by Keroppy Maeda and revived it in 2014. He performs the saline injection procedure approximately 10 times a year at special occasions. Ever since then, it has become a new wacky Japanese trend for a minority of Japanese people.

Check out the below video to understand the process of injecting 300-400 cc medical-grade saline injection to the mid-forehead. The effects last for about a day and the shape of forehead goes back to normal after a night.

Warning! It somehow looks painful!


8. Nyotaimori and nantaimori

Another Japanese trend that has received numerous backlash would be Nyotaimori (nantaimori is the male version). Nyotaimori is often translated as the arrangement on the female body. The most common practice would be arranging sashimi or sushi on a perfectly still, naked body.

Its origin dates back to feudal samurai times. It is done to celebrate victory after a battle.

Due to its nature of using a naked body, it is said to possess health risks — which is totally understandable. It does not make your food extra delicious but it is a serving art that helps to make a bold statement. This trend has actually grown out of Japan! It can now be found in Los Angeles with Nyotaimori Experience.

Nyotaimori by Edith Soto via Flickr.

9. Yaeba

Do you have a twisted tooth hanging out from your upper gum? Yaeba is a trend that uses surgically implanted teeth to mimic young children’s molar that grows out of the normal straight shape. It is usually an addition of fang-like teeth.

Vampires in the making? Or. the best and cutest smile in Japan?

10. Super-low rise underwear

2018’s latest Japanese trend is now the super-low rise underwear. After years of high-rise trend, maybe it is time to go low. What rises must fall — I guess.

It almost looks like an adult wearing a kid’s size underwear that will not hold half your assets. These knickers are so low-rise that it will not cover more than half your crack. I am not sure who would wear them but hey, nobody thought a bagel-head would be in trend too.

11. M’s Pop Life Adult Department Store

SEVEN floors of sex toys, porn, and kinky wears right next to the Akihabara station in Tokyo.

The fifth, sixth and seventh floors are filled with pornography DVDs. Where else the third and fourth floors are filled with maid-dresses clothes, miniskirts, and French-like lingeries. The first two floors are the most exciting — all kinds of sex toys.

12. Weird toys

From shaving dolls to the pregnant doll for dissections, Japan has it all. If you think they only have weird toys for adults, that is not true. Many of these weird, gory toys are played by kids in Japan too!

Check out the video below:


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