5 Awesome Life Hacks to Instantly Simplify Your Life

Sometimes, our lives can get really hectic. We juggle work, family, kids, homes, and not to mention keeping up with all that’s going on in the cyber world.

For most of us, the arrival of the Internet has made life so much more complicated. But there are a few that still manage to lead simple lives.

This doesn’t mean they have less to do than the rest of us, or that they have a different attitude to time or are less appreciative of other people. No, they just focus on the real stuff.

Here are 5 awesome hacks to instantly simplify your life.

life hacks

Hack #1 Don’t try to be everything to everybody

It can start with a few simple tasks being added to your week. Suddenly, you’re playing your role and everyone else’s. Plus, you find yourself supporting everyone around you as well. Of course, this kind of situation is completely unsustainable.

We’re all guilty of this, especially women. Practicing multiple roles such as parent, professional, homemaker, housekeeper, dog walker, and chef, it can all get a little too much. You need to build some clear, healthy boundaries around your time to do the things that really matter to you, so take a good look at your priorities and ask for help when you need it.

love youself

Hack #2 Always start with you

How many times have you raced out of the door to meet an obligation only to realize you’ve forgotten your phone, your car keys or your laptop? And maybe walked out even on an empty stomach? In an effort to fit everything in we often forget our own personal needs and ourselves.

This often leaves us feeling more depleted than we should be and, as a result, the whole day becomes a struggle. You need to put your needs first. Only then can you tend to the outside world. Take a regular look at how you are truly feeling and when necessary, apply some loving self-care.


Hack #3 Get rid of clutter

There’s an old saying that goes, “The state of your surroundings reflects the state of your mind.” Take a look around you. Is the saying true for you too? Clutter can also represent decisions you haven’t made yet.

So when you clear away and tidy up all your ‘stuff’ you’re also coming to terms about taking action on things you’ve been putting off for quite a while.

Just 15 minutes is all you need to bring order back into your space. It will clear your mind and give you more focus and a stronger sense of purpose. Go ahead and try it right now. It’s guaranteed to make you feel really good about yourself again. And your space will also look a lot better!

avoid problems

Hack #4 Avoid drama

Nothing takes up time like a little drama. Or even worse, a BIG drama! But ask yourself, is this your drama or are you are you playing a character in someone else’s drama? Do you find yourself rescuing the same person all the time?

A lot of people complain that their lives are just too complicated because other people keep getting in the way. If you find you don’t have time to step back because every time you do someone needs you, then it’s time to politely say no. There’s no point in you getting stuck in somebody’s drama when all it means is that your life will become even more complicated.

Choose friends that are uncomplicated, and run just as fast as you can from the ‘drama queens.’


Hack #5 Focus on what’s important to you

Every once in a while you have to pause and remind yourself of what is really important to you. If your life is getting super complicated and busy, and you’ve stopped moving towards your own personal happiness then you need to take a step back.

Make time for yourself at least once a week to do the things you love. Sure, stuff will happen and you’ll need to adapt, but when you keep your private and your professional lives balanced you’ll experience a greater sense of joy and achievement.

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