5 Insanely Affordable Travel Destinations

Did you know that there are still some parts of the world you can travel for less than $10 a day? All you have to do is exercise a little creativity in your choice of destination.

By now it’s common knowledge that Eastern Europe and India are cheap places to visit, but if you’re looking for the really low budget bargains then your best bet is to head for somewhere a little way off the beaten track.

Most of the countries mentioned here won’t make it to the usual lists of ‘budget vacation destinations’ and as such, they are a true treasure trove of insider travel tips:


#1 Venezuela

Believe it or not, 60 beers in Venezuela will cost you $1. I know, crazy, right? This is one of the reasons this country can officially be named as the cheapest travel destination on the planet.

You’ll need to keep your spending dollars in cash though, to take advantage of the black market prices, which can easily land you a room in a 5-star hotel for just $2 per night. Taxis will cost you 25 cents and multi-day mountain treks can be had for less than $100, all-inclusive. Or you can just party all night for a ridiculous five bucks.

Venezuela may have a reputation for being a little rough, but with some travel inputs and common sense you can travel the length and breadth of this incredible country and have a truly amazing time.

iran mosque

#2 Iran

As a travel destination, Iran is often overlooked. It’s probably the easiest place in the world to hitch a ride, and more often than not people will invite you into their homes so you don’t have to pay for somewhere to sleep.

With breathtaking Islamic architecture, stunning landscapes and scenery, and its legendary hospitality, a visit to Iran is an experience that will stay with your for the rest of your life. If you’re okay with couch surfing for a while, you can easily do Iran for less than $10 a day.


#3 Nicaragua

A wonderful land of volcanic peaks, jungle treks, Mayan sites and crazy parties, Nicaragua has to be the cheapest place to travel in Central America. The country is safe, easy to get around and has something for everyone.

Rooms here available for a couple of dollars per night and if you’re happy to feast on street food you can get by on under a buck a day. Booze is cheap and the beautiful beaches are free. Nicaragua is an excellent choice for first-time travelers on a shoestring budget.


#4 Cambodia

Safe, easy, fun and a popular stopover on the budget backpacker trail, Cambodia is crazy cheap to travel. Beers can be had for 50 cents and simple accommodation costs just a few dollars.

Most backpackers traveling through South East Asia save Cambodia till last because here’s where they can make their money stretch furthest. With steamy jungles, fabulous beaches and fascinating cultural history, Cambodia easily competes with its way more expensive neighbor Thailand and is another solid choice for the less-experienced budget traveler.

pakistan mountains

#5 Pakistan

Probably not the first destination that springs to cash-strapped traveler’s minds but Pakistan is well worth considering. The mountains here are absolutely stunning and the hospitality of the Pakistani people is very special indeed.

Make a friend in this amazing country and you’ll rarely ever have to reach for your wallet. Plus, you can expect tons of invitations to stay the night. Food costs per day will set you back just a few dollars and camping in the Himalayan Mountains is completely free. Pakistan is a true wonderland of ancient traditions, fascinating treks, friendly people and underground parties.



Traveling cheap is an art that can be learned, and there are a lot more places we could have added to our list. Turkey, for example, or the Philippines, (although you should avoid Manilla or you’ll probably blow your budget literally within hours of your arrival).

India is still a good and relatively budget-friendly destination. But you’d better be quick as the country is becoming more and more expensive every year. Russia and the Ukraine also come highly recommended to anyone looking for fun and adventure while at the same time, looking to get the most out of their vacation budget.

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