9 Effective Herbs To Lower Cholesterol

lower cholesterol

High blood cholesterol can be reduced with balanced diet and regular exercise. However, in many cases, it often turns out that the diet alone is not enough to fight the high cholesterol in our body. We can improve the good cholesterol level by increasing our physical activity. In this article, we will discuss the 9 effective herbs to lower cholesterol in our body.

9 Effective Herbs To Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol is found in the products we consume and in our body, it is produced by the liver gland. A chemical compound, which is cholesterol, is necessary for us to maintain the proper cycle of cell structure.

It also affects the production of hormones in the body, supports the absorption of vitamins, and in particular, provides vitamin D3. It is beneficial to the body until it is abundant. However, a steroid that occurs in large amounts can be the perpetrators of many diseases.

Cholesterol-lowering diet and triglycerides

To maintain a good cholesterol level, we must exclude greasy and fried foods from our menu. Bake, grill and use less oil when preparing your own meals at home. Make a habit of avoiding greasy foods on your daily meals.

Dietary intake of simple sugars (called monosaccharides) should be eliminated from the diet. Examples of simple sugar are raw sugar, high fructose corn syrup, glucose and fruit juice concentrate. Their lack can be replaced by complex sugars; examples include table sugar, fruit juice, milk, yogurt, honey, molasses, maple syrup and brown sugar but in a limited amount.

All sugar should be reduced to a minimum and the salt additions should be limited, replacing it with herbs to lower cholesterol, such as cumin, marjoram, and basil. The base of our dishes should be products of vegetable origin, which in their composition are low in fats and cholesterol.

Use lean chicken meat. It is important to eat low sugar fruits, which include strawberries, blackcurrants, gooseberries, blackberries, and apples. Berries contain pectin, as well as a lot of vitamin C. Herbs, fruits and vegetables that lower cholesterol should be added to the daily diet. A healthy diet includes foods rich in vegetable fibers.

These diets support the excretion of cholesterol from the body while stimulating the intestinal wellness and accelerating the metabolism of your body.

Effective herbs to lower cholesterol and triglycerides

There are specific herbs known to be effective to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood. These herbs have a beneficial effect on the circulatory system. It balances the vital digestive system, responsible for converting the accumulated cholesterol we consume from the processed food.

Herbs also benefit the work of the liver, which is a cholesterol producing factory. Cholesterol deposits could narrow the path of the arteries and reduce blood flow. This causes the tissues of the brain, muscular tissue of the heart (myocardium) and lower limbs become hypoxic.

Herbs are beneficial to lower cholesterol naturally in our body. Here are nine herbs that are effective against the high cholesterol level in the body.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe has great health benefits for lowering cholesterol

Aloe is a great edible plant that protects against atherosclerosis. The aloe contains phytosterols effectively reduces the level of bad LDL cholesterol in the body. You can consume the aloe vera as a juice. Be sure to start slowly, with a tablespoon two or three times a day. Have it 30 minutes before a meal and once before you go to bed. You may increase the intake but watch out for side effects and if necessary seek professional advice.

2. Chicory Flower

Chicory flower blossom as home remedies to fight high cholesterol

Chicory flower can be used as a herb that improves metabolism and facilitates digestion. Chicory is recommended for liver and kidney diseases. This herb can speed up the cleansing of these organs. It stimulates the liver to produce bile, and the stomach to produce stomach acids. With this component, it facilitates quick digestion of the food. Chicory can be prepared in the form of infusion as a herbal tea.

3. Fenugreek

Fenugreek has been used for centuries to fight all types of ailment.

Fenugreek crushed seeds are made into liquid extracts, tinctures, wraps. This herb is effective to lower cholesterol and has a strong effect on the secretion of digestive juices and saliva. It has wide shielding functions. Fenugreek lowers cholesterol and triglyceride as well as glucose in the blood.

4. Flaxseed

Flaxseed is commonly used in bakeries and bread. It has a great benefit to fight cholesterol

Flaxseed has a protective, slightly laxative, emollient and regenerating effect. It contains herbal properties that reduce blood lipids. Therefore, it can be introduced into the diet as a cholesterol-lowering element. It is also used to treat stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers. Works well to fight the disorders of the large intestine.

5. Hibiscus

Hibiscus is used as a natural herb to lower the cholesterol

Hibiscus is a flower that contains organic acids, causing the lowering of bad cholesterol. They protect blood vessels from unwanted changes. It contains natural substances that support the function of the cardiovascular system. It is an effective herb to lower cholesterol by increasing metabolic processes in the liver.

6. Artichoke

Artichoke is well known in the market and consumed as a vegetable. It has great benefit as a herb to fight high cholesterol

Artichoke contains a high concentration of cynarine to help lower the cholesterol. It contains the chemical compound that protects liver cells and improves the functioning of the liver and gallbladder. Extract from the herb to lower cholesterol activates choleretic action so that fatty foods are instantly neutralized in the body. Artichoke reduces cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood serum.

7. White Willow

White willow bark from the tree. It reduces blood clotting and known to lower blood cholesterol

White willow is another herb from which decoctions, tinctures are made. This works as a herb in the form of white willow bark that help seals the capillaries in our cardiovascular system. It also prevents excessive blood clotting due to injuries. Best used to treat atherosclerosis, which is accompanied by increased blood clotting.

8. Green Tea Leaves

Green tea leaves fight high cholesterol level and improve blood circulation

Green tea leaves effectively reduce the level of bad cholesterol and increases the level of good cholesterol. This herb protects the heart, preventing heart attacks. Regularly improves blood flow in the blood vessels. Contains flavonoids that rebuild and strengthen the blood vessels.

9. Dandelion

Yellow dandelion flower. Great for infusion as tea or herbal juices

The dandelion contains inulin, which effectively reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. In the early stages of atherosclerosis, it is used to treat diabetes. Dandelion also lowers blood sugar. It has a cleansing effect, which helps to decontaminate the blood and the body from accumulated toxins. The leaves, flowers, and root can be made into herb infusions or juices.


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