A woman’s body is a true miracle of nature: It will be clear to you when you read these 10 facts!


1. Women have a more mobile neck than men

Have you ever wondered how women and men are turning when someone calls them? Try this and you will notice that men are turning around the body as women turn just their heads. The reason is in the muscle structure that is more elastic in women.

But, dear ladies, be careful when turning your head. According to a study conducted at the Medical Center at the University of Lochola, women complain of neck pain more often than men do.

2. Women have more sensitive hearing during sleep

 This fact is the result of an evolutionary process. Women are more sensitive to the sound while they sleep to hear the baby crying easier.

But a good deal in this is that this applies only to high-frequency sounds, while silent talking will not usually awaken the woman. Women are also more susceptible to sleep disorders than men.

3. Women are more rational than men

Despite the stubborn opinion that women are more emotional, and that men are more rational, in reality the situation is reversed. This depends on the thickness of the cerebral cortex, which affects better results across the range of cognitive and intelligence tests. And women are those who have a thicker cerebral cortex than men.

However, it should be noted that men have a higher brain volume that plays a significant role in regulating emotions and making decisions.

4. Women have stronger relationships with other people

The reason for this is that women have a higher level of hormone oxytocin, the so-called hormone of love.

This hormone affects binding, relieves stress and strengthens the joints. Oxytocin is also “responsible” for creating a special relationship between mother and child, and also for breastfeeding.

5. Women’s bodies are constantly changing in the 20’s

If you have a crazy and unhealthy lifestyle in the teenage period, it’s still not too late to change your lifestyle. The female body in the 20’s is constantly growing and changing.

There is a good chance that woman will become better in making decisions because cerebral cortex is still developing.

6. Women have a better predisposition to creativity

The brain is like a network: it contains a lot of wires and connections within itself. Studies have shown that “nets” in the female brain are better associated with “mesh” in the brain of men.

This means that women are more quickly to form causal connections, but at the same time they quickly get used to the routine.

7. European women have brighter than men

According to a new study, women who come from Europe are twice as likely to be blonde as in men. This is explained by the fact that women’s blue hair genes are more resistant than men.

8. Their bodies are structurally made for greater flexibility

Female muscles and tendons contain more elastin than male muscles. Elastin is a protein which gives our muscles, organs and skin the ability to stretch, and this gives them greater flexibility on the whole. Also, due to evolutionary adaptation for childbearing, women have greater flexibility and range of motion in the pelvis area as well.

9. Their bodies are designed for remarkable changes during pregnancy

From the size of an orange at the beginning of pregnancy, the uterus grows to about the size of a watermelon in 9 months. In addition, while most mothers know the pain of contractions, many probably don’t realise how much pressure is actually exerted during one. When pushing with a contraction, the force from a uterus equates to roughly 397 pounds of pressure per square foot!

10. They have better muscle endurance

While men usually have the upper-hand when it comes to strength, it may be surprising to many that women may actually have better muscle endurance than men do. Research has shown that in stamina-related exercises, women were able to exercise for about 75% longer than men could. It is suggested that the presence of oestrogen in women makes their muscles more resistant to fatigue, and that women have more efficient metabolism within their muscles as compared to men.


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