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Amazing Vietnamese street food

Vietnamese street food

Vietnamese street food is one of the wonderful features of Vietnam and gives you a thousand reasons why you should love Vietnam. It has a lot of beautiful tourist centers, people and their famous mouth-watering and amazing street food. In Vietnam, exploring street food is more than an eating habit, it’s a social ritual, a part of everyday life. There are countless varieties of street food ranging from regions to regions.

Here are some amazing Vietnamese street food you should try to make your stay in Vietnam more memorable and have a full blown foodgasm:

Banh Khot

This amazing mini pancakes made with majorly rice flour, turmeric and coconut milk tastes absolutely great and very creamy. It is usually served with fresh herbs, mustard leaves and sometimes with sweetened fish sauce for dipping.

Banh Khot is closely related to Banh Xeo ( ‘xeo’ means sizzling, which practically how it’s prepared). These two amazing Vietnamese street foods have a special technique for eating them which is usually as simple as; putting it in some mustard leaves and herbs, adding some carrots and radish slices, roll it up and dip into some sweetened fish sauce.
A simpler way of eating Banh Khot will be replacing the shrimp toppings with shrimp powder. The powder can also serve as a complement even with shrimp available, but it’s totally optional.

Cha Ca

This is also known as grilled fish in English. It is regarded as the most complicated dish to prepare because its process has to be strictly adhered to in other to come out with a final result of uniqueness that is particular to this special type of grilled fish. A slight mistake in the preparation of Cha Ca can result in a heartbreaking and taste buds wrecking damage of the whole fish.

Cha Ca is usually prepared by mixing; sugar, distilled wine, shrimp paste (mam tom), hot oil and chili. Lemon juice is constantly squeezed into it until it starts to foam. It is mostly usually served with Hanh La (fresh green onion), bum (vermicelli), Thi La (dill), Rau Hung Lang (Basil) and Mam Tom ( mixed shrimp paste).

For the most satisfying Cha Ca treat, follow the famous Cha Ca technique;
Take a piece of fish fillet
Draw some oil from the pan into it
Eat with rice vermicelli, dill, peanut, coriander, green onions (spiced and fresh) and of course the indispensable Mam Tom.


This is one of the most popular Vietnamese ‘fast food’, also called sweet rice or sticky rice in English. The sticky rice is soaked for close to five hours, it is removed when the rice has sucked up enough water and is steamed so that the rice can be soft and form lumps. Xoi can be made in several ways, it could be steamed with peanut, taro or coconut as toppings. It is usually taken as breakfast by most Vietnamese although it could be taken at any time of the day.

This simple, yet rich food can be prepared and served in different ways depending on how it’s liked by the person taking it. It could be taken with; ruoc (salty dried pork), muoi vung (salty seasame and peanut). It can also be taken with vegetable oil.

Ga Nuong

The mouth-watering sight of Vietnamese roasted chicken from the glass is definitely something to drool over. It is usually made with chicken thighs and legs and can also be grilled. To prepare Ga Nuong you’ll need chicken, soy sauce, cooking wine, MSG, ground pepper, garlic powder, all purpose flour (or tapioca starch), granulated sugar, minced garlic, honey, oyster sauce, minced lemon grass, fish sauce, and the Chinese five spice powder.

To prepare this, you place your chicken flat on your cooking space (do not remove the bones). Add all ingredients together and mix them well, put the spice mixture on the chicken for 25 to 30 minutes to ensure that it is properly marinated.
You can then broil the chicken, turning the sides after every 15 minutes . Ga Nuong can be served with Kim Chi, tomatoes, white rice and carrots.

Cao lau

This is an amazing Vietnamese noodle that originated from a remote town called Hoi Ari which is in the Central Vietnam’s province – Quang Nam. This dish is usually prepared with rice noodles that has been soaked in (iye) water. It is also served with pork and greens. Soaking the rice in iye water gives it a chewy texture and a brownish/yellowish color. The main ingredients are; rice noodles, herbs, beans sprout, meat (mostly pork), greens and some soup. Sometimes the meat is replaced with shrimp. After the rice has been soaked it then goes through the process of being made up to !0cm long and some inches wide, after which they are soaked in clean water for some hours, rinsed out and boiled. Some of the noodles are usually cut into squares, fried and used as toppings for the main dish. It can be served with beans sprout, lettuce and some herbs like mint, lemon basil and mustard green.

Bun Cha

Here’s another amazing Vietnamese street food made with noodles and grilled pork. It is made with pork (cha) and a plate of rice noodles (bun) with herbs and sauce dipping. Bun Cha is made with several ingredients including; meat, rice, vermicelli, vegetables/greens, herbs, sauce. It is a vibrant mix of grilled pork, the noodles and greens. The sauce is delivered in fish form and can be used as an accompaniment with many other dishes like marinades, spring roll dips, soup broth.

Bun Cha is balanced with vegetables and herbs with protein. To make the vegetables and marinades you need carrots, pawpaw, turnip, salt, sugar and vinegar. To prepare the sauce dipping you’ll need; boiled water, ruoc mam (fish sauce), rice, vinegar, sugar, hot red pepper, carrots and some pawpaw.
Bun Cha is mostly served with spring rolls.

Banh Mi

Banh Mi refers to bread. It can also mean a special kind of baguette that is long, split open filled up with fillings to make a sandwich. It can also be eaten as a staple food. This delicious sandwich is usually made up of meat and vegetables of native Vietnamese kitchen such as Coriander leaf, cucumber, cha lua(pork), carrots and some da ikon mixed with some French ingredients like pate, chili and mayonnaise. This special sandwich is usually taken as breakfast or a snack as it is considered too dry for lunch or dinner.

Other varieties of Banh Mi include Banh mi ca moi (sardine sandwich), Bahn Mi pate (pate sandwich), Ban mi cha bong (pork floss sandwich) and so on.

Pho Xao

This Vietnamese stir-fry noodles is a very common one around the world. This amazing soul satisfying can be put together in just about 20-25 minutes. To prepare one would need Vietnamese rice noodles (pho), vegetables and beef, any vegetable of your choice can be used. You start by cooking dried pho noodles to a half-done point, take out and rinse with cold water. To make the sauce, you slice your beef and marinate, add salt, garlic, oyster sauce and pepper. Mix fish sauce, soy sauce, corn starch and water then set aside.
Cook the beef in oil with onion for some seconds and start stir-frying. Just before it is properly done, transfer to a plate. Add more oil to the pan and stir-fry some more onions and baby-boy choy. Add the rice noodles and beef now with the sauce, keep stir-frying until it is well cooked, then you can season to your taste. It is an excellent and amazing quick, easy dish for all menus.

Bahn Goi

Vietnamese crispy dumplings as it is called in English, is one of everyone’s favorite during the cold season in the country. It is usually deep fried and not baked to create its mouth watering crisp and aroma. To prepare you need; some gyoza skin, all purpose flour, baking powder, sugar, salt and water. To make the fillings you need minced pork, glass noodles already soaked in warm water and chopped mushroom, onions, carrots, salt, sugar, pepper stock, powder and egg.

You also need to make a wrapping and you’ll have to mix the flour, salt, baking powder and sugar in a large bowl, knead to form a dough then cover and let it sit for 20 minutes. Cut the dough after kneading flat into small parts (wide enough for the size you want), add some of the fillings on each and top it with half of a boiled egg and pinch to close properly.
Bahn Goi is best eaten with fish sauce or any sauce you like and can be served with vegetables while hot.

Ban Xeo

It is literally translated as “sizzling pancakes”, for the sizzling sound it makes when being prepared. It is usually eaten with the hands by cutting off a piece of it, wrapping in lettuce and dipping in sauce. The shrimp stuffed pancake is one to roll for. The shrimp could be replaced with pork or vegetables (mushroom). It is best served with fish, mint, basil or lettuce after being stuffed with diced onions, mung beans and beans sprout.

All Vietnamese street food are amazing and worth dying for, but these ones shouldn’t be overlooked especially to those visiting Vietnam. These amazing Vietnamese street food should be added to your bucket list before leaving the great Vietnam with beautiful people, lakes, rivers and amazing street food.


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