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Food & Drinks

What we eat and why

Reasons that people today give about consuming food no longer arise from need. Sometimes our ancestors had to make a significant effort to catch or breed, and...


Plants as Viagra

Before developing the pharmaceutical industry, many have been using natural fruits to boost love wishes. Nature has always offered its “viagra” for...


Stand Up Paddling

The Stand Up Paddling ( SUP) is currently one of the rulers of the water surface. This is contributed by the fact that inflatable boards can be folded into a...


Unusual Blue Berries

African plant Pollia Condensata is very special for something. Her fruits, which many call “marble berries”, fall into the eye due to their...


How autumn influences your health

The change of the seasons is not only reflected in the change of temperature and the number of sunny days but directly affects individual organs. September...


The story of man who ate everything

Tarrare was born in rural France, near Lyon, around 1772. His date of birth is unrecorded and it is not even known if Tarrare was his real name or a nickname...

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