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Bad combination on your plate


By combining certain foods, you enter a “time bomb” into your body! The consequences can be very nasty: stomach problems, digestive problems, fatigue, headaches.

Green tea with milk – if you drink green tea it is best to add lemon juice. Casein (the main cow’s milk protein) in contact with green tea reduces the content of catechins (herbal compound responsible for the antioxidant properties of tea). So it creates the opposite effect.

Sugaring Cereals – by adding pure cornflower sugar, you increase glucose uptake, which is a direct path to excess weight. For your morning cereal share, sweeten with fruit, for example, bananas or apples.

Bread with honey or jam – although a favorite combination for many people, it leads to increased glucose uptake. You can alleviate this combination by applying butter to bread and then honey, as the sugar absorption will slow down that way.

Bread and coffee – coffee substances affect the lousy absorption of vitamin B from the bread, making it utterly useless. This will only fill your stomach and make you gain pounds.

Honey and warm drinks – heating honey at temperatures above 40 degrees can be fatal. Honey enzymes with antibacterial properties are unstable at high temperatures and destroyed at a temperature of 45 degrees. Then you get a plain sweet syrup. Honey should be added to the tea when it is cooled.

Bone soup – bones are one of the largest containers of toxic elements in the body. By cooking, these substances enter the water, and then we enter them into the body.


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