These Bizarre Soft Drink Flavors Will Boggle Your Mind

Soft drinks are one of those things that everyone loves, but isn’t exactly good for you in large quantities. However, no one can say no to the occasional cold, sweet, fizzy drinks. They’re a must at parties, gatherings and cookouts. Apart from the fizzy cola drinks and lemonades, there are a plethora of flavors available.

Everyone has their own personal favorites, but there are many limited edition soft drinks that almost no one has heard of before. These obscure flavors are unique, offbeat and downright bizarre. Check them out here below:

1.Pepsi Ice Cucumber

This Pepsi flavor is definitely cool as a cucumber and it was released in Japan in 2007. You’ll see plenty more bizarre soft drink flavors from Japan in this list, as soft drink companies come up with a different unique  limited edition  flavor each year. It may be a marketing gimmick to some, but these flavors can be truly outrageous.

This is one flavour was a bold experiment in vegetable flavorings, and consumers mentioned that it had a rather strong artificial cucumber taste and almost no cola at all.

Ice cucumber pepsi

Image credit: Pinterest

2. Garlic Jats Taccola

The region of Aomori in Japan is so proud of the garlic they grow that they’ve turned it into a host of different food products. These include garlic ice cream and garlic beer. So it’s only natural that the town of Takko in Aomori produce the first garlic flavored cola.

Jats Takkola is sold in several places around Takko town, and curious people can order the cola online at the town’s website. The makers of this soft drink have stated that they’re out to prove that garlic doesn’t have to be limited to cooked foods only.

Jats Takkola Garlic

Image credit: Roomie

3. Jones Tofurkey and Gravy Soda

How would you like a Thanksgiving main course in the form of a soda? That’s what American indie soda company set out to do. In addition to this, they have a complete set of sodas all in the flavors of thanksgiving dishes like cranberry sauce and stuffing.

This soda would be great for vegans who don’t believe in feasting o birds for the festive season, as well as for those that don’t like real turkey meals but want to join in the festivities anyway.

4. Lester’s Fixins Bacon Soda

Lester’s Fixins is a series of sodas from artisanal soda brand Rocket Sodas. Other flavors in this series include pumpkin pie, ranch dressing, peanut butter and jelly, sweet corn and buffalo wings. Once in a while, it would be a great idea to just have a meat flavored drink, especially if it’s a sizzling, greasy piece of crusty bacon.

Image credit: Pinterest

5. Ramune Curry

Ramune ( pronounced Rah-moo-nay) is a Japanese soda company that are well known for their unique packaging. Basically each of their bottles are sealed with a little spherical marble that has to be pressed down in order for you to access the drink.

Ramune has released a series of ‘weird’ sodas, which include kimchi and wasabi flavored fizzy drinks. However, the strangest of these has got to be the Curry flavored one. Reviews have been mixed, with many loving it and wishing that they could eat it with rice.

Image credit: That Video Game Blog

6. Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray

Celery isn’t a flavor that usually comes to mind when you want a sweet soda, but this beverage from Dr Brown seems to have made a success of it. The drink is pretty common in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and South Florida in the United States. Elsewhere though, it’s a little hard to find.

The drink is made from celery seed extract, as tastes almost like ginger ale with a pungent and peppery touch. It was originally called a celery tonic, but the USFDA disapproved of this name and so from the 1930s onward, it was called Cel-Ray.

Image credit: Serious Eats

7. Eel Flavoured Unagi Nobori

This may sound disgusting to many, but not if you’re familiar with Japanese cuisine. In Japan, unagi or eels are seen as a delicacy. They’re grilled over charcoal with a sauce similar to teriyaki, and often eaten as a sushi over some rice. Grilled unagi is the flavor that this drink captures, and is supposed to be a refreshing energy drink for hot summer days.

Image credit: The Daily Meal

8. Mauby Fizz

Mauby Fizz is a drink made from the bark of the Mauby tree, and it can have a laxative effect on first time drinkers. The Mauby tree is found in certain Caribbean islands and is available on in those areas. Mauby Fizz should be consumed in limited amounts, especially for first timers as it can cause you to spend an unnecessarily long time in the toilet.

Taste wise, it’s slightly sweet, with a bitter aftertaste that takes some getting used to.

Image credit: The Daily Meal

9. Beefdrinker’s Teriyaki Beef Jerky Soda

With bacon flavored soda available on the shelves, it would only be natural that other meat flavored sodas make an appearance. One of the highly recommended ones come from Beefdrinker. Reviews have mentioned that this drink has the aroma of Teriyaki sauce, with a strong hint of soy sauce.

Once the Teriyaki flavor has passed, a mild sweet taste finishes off this drink that’s a big hit with beef lovers. It’s apparently even better when consumed with some real Teriyaki Beef.

Image credit: Pinterest

10. Kid’s Beer ( Kodomo no Nomimono)

In Japan, beer is a common drink during family gatherings. However, since children aren’t allowed to drink beer, they often feel left out of family toasts and cheers (‘Kanpai’ in Japanese).

Japanese beverage company Sangaria set out to correct this by introducing a non-alcoholic beer that looks and behaves exactly like real beer.

This is how Kodomo no Nomimono was born. They come in a variety of fruity flavors like apple and strawberry, but foam at the top when poured out, just like real beer.

Image credit: Mike’s Blender

These outrageous fizzy drinks only go to prove that people love experimenting with various foods and flavors. What’s the most bizarre drink you’ve ever tried in your life? Let us know in the comments section.

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