Cardboard interactive toys for cats

Eco cat toys

Unlike other pets, cats are known for their great interest in having fun and animating with themselves. Therefore, they always need some kind of animation, and most often they are scratches, ladders and various interactive toys. Cat Amazing Toys is a brand inspired by play and fun. Although they are made of cardboard, the personality that delights them is endurance, but also the eco-friendly label that each piece proudly carries

Multifunctional and biodegradable

Cat fun toys Eco product

It’s easy to make and take them on a journey, and toys come in a variety of shapes. They can even arrange each other so it will be ideal for those more active cats who like to climb. Multifunctional and ‘level’ can be adjusted manually, if your platform becomes too lightweight for cat.

The puzzle feeder designed to bring the stimulation of natural hunting behaviors to indoor cats.

In the wild, cats use all their mental and physical abilities to procure their food by hunting – but indoors cats trade the stimulation of the hunt for the ease of the food-bowl. Chronic boredom is a detrimental condition afflicting indoor cats, resulting in behavioral problems like aggression and destructiveness, and stress-related behaviors like excessive grooming, crying and listlessness. Unlimited access to the food bowl also results in overeating and eating too quickly. Cat Amazing Toy seeks to address both these problems by bringing the challenge of the hunt indoors!

“By bringing the challenge of the hunt indoors, this cardboard interactive toys for cats provides the stimulation and enrichment cats often lack in the home.” The puzzle feeder stimulates natural feline behaviors to explore, scratch, sniff and retrieve hidden rewards.”

Behind its stunning modern design, Cat Amazing Toy is meticulously crafted to the last detail. This interactive toys for cats can be easily assembles into three levels and seven compartments where treats and dry kibble are be hidden. The heavy-duty double-layer cardboard outer shell contains openings of various shapes and sizes, strategically positioned to provide access to the treats inside, compelling kitty to work their paws and brains for their tasty rewards. The internal compartments can be rearranged to adjust the difficulty level to match kitty’s abilities – from Easier to Harder – and the setting is shown on the Level Indicator.

Veterinarians recommend this kind of active game that mentally stimulates the mentally challenged. Unlike modern toys, they are made of 100% natural and biodegradable materials and even proudly bear the planet-friendly designation.

Foto: Instagram (@catamazingtoy) source: catamazingtoy


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