For Westerners, China and its culture are often fascinating, but many times and quite bizarre. It seems that the Chinese always have something that can surprise the world public. These things are certainly proof of some bizarre and even shocking...

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Gift Giving Traditions Around the World

Every culture appreciates gifting as a way to build and strengthen relationships. However, certain gifts can be considered as insult or offense. So whether...


Cardboard interactive toys for cats

Unlike other pets, cats are known for their great interest in having fun and animating with themselves. Therefore, they always need some kind of animation, and...



We do not even notice trees in everyday life. They are always present, they are beautiful, and they take care that humans and animals have an essential...


Stunning senses in the animal world

Running around looking for food, the mouse feels safe under the umbrella of darkness. And he isn’t aware that the snake “sees” the heat his body...

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