Chocolate: The Awesome and Unusual Ways It’s Consumed

Chocolate is easily the most commonly consumed comfort food anywhere in the world. It’s able to lift your spirits when things seem to hit the doldrums . Recent scientific evidence has also proven that dark chocolate can improve memory and prevent cancer.

Usually, chocolate is eaten as solid bars, with some fruits or nuts added. However, many people have come up with different ways to enjoy this really addictive dessert. Here are some of the rather unusual ways chocolate is enjoyed around the world:

1.Camel Milk Chocolate

Al Nassma is a chocolatier  in Dubai and the only people  in the world to make chocolates from Camel’s milk. Usually, milk chocolate bars are made with cow’s milk. However, Camel’s milk has less fat and more Vitamins than cow milk, but the amount of milk produced is pretty limited.

This means that camel milk chocolate is made in limited amounts and can be pretty costly. Camel milk chocolates can be found in the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Oman. Those who have been fortunate enough to taste them say that they have a strong nutty and coffee taste. The texture is more solid and doesn’t melt as easily as bars made with cow’s milk.

Camel milk chocolates

Image credit: Hotelier Middle East

2. Chocolate Dipped Locusts

Online artisanal foods company Crunchy Critters specializes in insect based snacks. One of their best sellers is chocolate covered locusts. Apparently they’re out to promote insects as an alternative food source that will be easier on the environment.

These particular locusts are grown in a sustainable environment and fed with organic plant materials. They’re cooked to a crisp before being dipped in milk chocolate to give a sweet and savory snack.

Chocolate covered edible locusts

Image credit: Crunchy Critters

3. Japanese Kit Kat Bars

Nestle has decided to make Japan their testing ground for many of their more unusual flavors. Hence, you’ll find flavors like soybean, Cappuccino, cherry blossom (Sakura), pumpkin, red bean, French salt and apple cider vinegar. Nestle releases a new Kit Kat flavor here almost every year. There are dedicated Kit Kat stores all over Japan where you can find evergreen flavors, as well as limited edition festive themed ones.

4. Chocolate Chicken Curry

Apparently, this is a things in several places in the world. Whoever invented this recipe is a genius, as chocolate actually enhances the spicy notes of curry. There are many recipes online, and the Japanese put chocolate into their curry quite regularly.

In Iceland, there’s even a company that sells instant chocolate curry, so you can order it online and try it for yourself.

Chocolate curry from Iceland

Image credit: Groceries Iceland

5. Cocoa Covered Jalapenos

Who knew that the heat of Jalapenos peppers would go so well with cocoa? This combination has gotten so much rave reviews that they’re now being sold online. However, it’s quite easy to make your own sweet peppers by melting some chocolate chips or cooking chocolate, and then dipping your own favourite spicy chili in them and letting it cool. The recipe works well with white chocolate too.

Chocolate jalapenos

Image credit: Vanilla Lemonade

6. Chocolate Chilli Con Carne

Chilli con Carne is a popular stew in the Texas-Mexican area. It’s mainly made up of minced beef, tomato puree and beans. Adding chocolate in the form of cocoa powder or chocolate chips adds an extra layer of depth to the dish. It helps accent the mild spiciness of the dish that comes from the paprika and chili powder.

Chocolate chili in bowl

Image credit:

7. Chocolate Nutella Pizza

One way to make chocolate reach another level is to combine it with a hazelnut cream like Nutella. Layer both Nutella, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and crushed nuts on a pizza base and bake until everything is melted and crusty. Sometimes, other sweets are sprinkled on top of the pizza, including marshmallows and jellybeans. There are several commercially produced Chocolate Pizzas too , which you can just heat up and eat immediately.

commercial chocolate pizza

Image credit: Handelsblatt

8. Cocoa Pasta

You don’t have to be a serious chocolate lover to be curious about this one. This special pasta recipe is making its rounds on the internet with only the very brave giving it a go. In this recipe, the pasta dough is made by combining wheat flour with cocoa powder, chocolate syrup, sugar, vanilla and eggs. It’s then shaped into noodles and once cooked, is served with a sweet sauce made of more chocolate, hazelnut cream or some fruits.

cocoa pasta

Image credit: Pinterest

9.  Chocolate Fondue

Fondue is originally a Swiss dish of melted cheese whereby diners gather around it and dip various bits of food in. The pot of cheese is left bubbling over a small flame and bits of toasted bread, vegetables, sausages and potatoes are dipped in before being eaten.

The alternative version of this dish has melted chocolate in a pot or a fountain and fruits, cookies, biscuits, cakes and pretzels can be dipped in. It’s usually eaten as a dessert and is perfect for gatherings like Christmas and birthdays.

mug chocolate fondue

Image credit: Pexels

10. Dark Chocolate Hummus

Hummus is a Middle Eastern dip made of blended chickpeas and flavored with Tahini ( sesame seed paste). It’s eaten with bread, and often offered with a plate of crackers or sliced raw vegetables at parties. This time however, dark cocoa powder is added to the blended chickpeas and some sweetener is included to give a nutty yet satisfying chocolaty dip that’s healthy too.

cocoa hummus

Image credit: Super Healthy Kids

Chocolate is best consumed as dark chocolate, with as little sugar added as possible. Cocoa is truly one ingredient that’s versatile yet extremely interesting. Not surprisingly, it has a host of medical benefits including being a strong anti-oxidant.

This means that pure cocoa is good for lowering cholesterol, preventing heart disease and preventing cancer. If you’re interested in learning what other foods can prevent cancer, read out list of cancer preventing foods here.

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