Competitions in eating and overeating


We all know, that for years now, there have been serious contests in eating and overeating, from organized tournaments that measure who and how will eat more pieces of fast food (hamburgers and hot dogs, as the most common example) in the shortest time possible, to those who boil down to pure protein overeating with a shovel, in various restaurants.

The most significant number of such places, such as restaurants and pubs with delicious burgers and french fries, are located in the United States, and rewards for those who manage to “pass the test” are not just good commercials for such catering facilities, but pictures on their wall of champions, as well as free meals for a definite or indefinite time.

Here are some of the most brutal meals in such restaurants:

Hamburger – Danny’s Beer Barrel, contains 6.8 kilos of beef! And a lot more: two whole portions (!), three whole tomatoes, salad heads and even 25 cheese slices, stuffed with one and a half cups of mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard … If you manage to eat in one piece for one sitting, the meal will be free, and the glory is invaluable – if you do not succeed, i.e., if you halfway faint or whitewash, the meal will cost you about $ 50.

The challenge for all the carnivores is held in Georgia at the Big Pie In The Sky restaurant. Two people compete in eating pizza carrying half a pound of beef, bacon, and ham! And 600 grams of sauce! The winner goes home with some dollars in the pocket, and the loser goes with the full stomach if nothing else …

If you are visiting Texas, do not forget to go to The Big Texan Steak Ranch, where you will be served with the steak – listen carefully – of two kilos! It costs about $ 70 and comes with a few other options, including potatoes, beans, salads … If you do it all in two hours, it’s free.

The West End Tavern in Colorado invites all travellers, as well as non-believers who are willing to take part in the challenge, to beat the 50-chicken wings in just 30 minutes! The winner gets back the hunt he has spent on fifty chicken wings, a shirt and a wallet, and his photo on the Wing King wall of fame.

A 3.4-pound hamburger will surely shorten your life for a few hours and send your blood vessels to the idle hunting grounds, but if you visit Kooky Canuck in Tennessee, you will eat it for free – if you eat it within one hour.


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