How autumn influences your health

Autumn Leaves

The change of the seasons is not only reflected in the change of temperature and the number of sunny days but directly affects individual organs.

September weakens the pancreas

Even the ancient doctors have noticed that the weather conditions in September most affect the pancreas and spleen. Therefore, it is necessary first of all to work on the strengthening of immunity. You should take maximum care of your diet and avoid sugar, sweets as well as all foods containing refined white flour.

Food which drastically raises blood sugar levels and makes it difficult for the pancreas to work should be avoided. It is recommended to eat nutritious with seasonal fruits and vegetables and especially eat the abundant mushrooms. From healing herbs, it is recommended einectomy, lost blueberries, nettle, and dandelion.

October is making you sad

Days are considerably shorter, rain is falling more and more, and the sun is rare. We need more sleep. Gastric problems have also occurred, we have less energy, and chronic fatigue is more pronounced. It is recommended to increase the intake of vitamin D, which can be found in milk, eggs, and fungi. Drink tea, eat marmalades, croissants, brewers, chamomiles, jams, valerians and chanterelles.

November attacks lungs

During this period, the lungs are quite weak, and inflammation and respiratory infections are widespread. Circulation, as well as immunity, have been swollen. It also requires more skin care because it becomes dry. It is therefore advisable to consume teas based on thyme, rosemary, primrose, marigold and roots of white hay. Eat foods that heat the body and accelerate circulation such as ginger, garlic, hot peppers and anise. Fermented foods such as turkey and sour cabbage also boost immunity.


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