If tasting wine cannot get you interested in running marathon; nothing can


If your idea of triathlon consists of biscuits, appetizers and pairing wines, there is a marathon in France that might intrigue you.

Once a year, more precisely in September, Marathon du Médoc is held in the French town of Bordeaux. It is a marathon longitude of 42 kilometers, which is especially interesting because the participants on their way to the finish must taste 23 types of wine. There is at least one more break for the steak.

The route of this marathon goes through vineyards, and participants are allowed to try cheese, ice cream and oysters along the way.
Every participant must submit medical documentation before the race, proving that his/her health condition is satisfying, but the journalist from The Guardian who participated in the marathon says that he has seen many runners vomiting during the marathon.

The marathon lasts about six and a half hours, and the participants are encouraged not to rush.
Registration for Marathon du Médoc is limited to 8500 participants. The only qualification you need to satisfy is that you were born before September 9, 1997.


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