Indoor plants don’t have to be boring

floating plant pot

If you are bored with ordinary plants and classic pots and want something innovative and unusual? The floating plant pot and a miniature tree is a unique addition to your decor and will attract lots of amazing looks. The miniature levitating tree is something that will delight you! In addition to visual beauty and life in your favorite plants, the only thing missing is the possibility of levitation. Now it is possible to transfer the plant to a hi-tech enviromnent.

How floating plant pot work?

The tree is planted in a special magnetized vase and should not be more than 300 grams. You can plant any potted plant in the flowerpot. Underneath the vase is a base station that generates magnetic rejection power, thanks to the force generated by two magnets. Besides floating on a height of 2 centimeters above the base, the system has a built-in rotating mechanism that allows your tree to rotate and ensuring that plants get an even amount of sunlight exposure on all sides.

How to operate?


1: Connect power, put the base on the flat surface. If the surface is not flat and horizontal,
the base can not levitate normally

2: Hold the pot toward the center of the base. Slowly put the pot down towards the base.

3: When feel magnetic force pull or push the pot, adjust the position properly to the center of the base.

4: When feel the force disappears, keep the pot stable for 3-5 seconds. Then slowly loose hands until the pot stays by itself.

5: When failed just repeat above steps with patience.

Note: If failed many times, turn off the power let the base cool down. Then try it again.

LYFE – Original, Authentic Floating Levitating Plant Pot for Air Plants

The levitating planterLYFE consists of a rotating planter that hovers over an oak base, suspended in mid-air via magnetic levitation inside the base. The planter is molded from silicon and rotates in mid-air over the oak base, ‘nourishing life with 360 degrees of sunlight exposure, 365 days a year’. To prevent over watering, the firm has cleverly designed a drainage system that pushes water into a hidden inner reservoir. Users can add soil and seeds if they decide to grow spices or pot a small orchid add some colour to their cubicle.

On Amazon or Ali Express you will be able to buy kits with different types of already planted trees, or just a vase and basement, as well as vases made of various materials.


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