Make 7 Minutes Brownie With A Microwave

Did you know that you can make brownies by simply using a microwave and a microwaveable mug?

In this recipe, you will learn how to make simple, delicious and moist milo (or chocolate) brownie in 7 minutes! This recipe is only meant for 1 person.

I don’t have a sweet tooth and I find this recipe to be just nice for my taste. You can always tweak the recipe based on your own taste.

Before we begin, here are the ingredients that you will need for your brownie in a mug:

1 egg

4 tablespoons of flour

2 tablespoons of brown sugar if you are using cocoa powder (No sugar for Milo or up to your taste)

3 tablespoons of milk (optional)

75 grams of butter (or 4 tablespoons of oil)

5 tablespoons of Cocoa powder or Milo

Vanilla ice cream, chocolate chips or coffee powder (optional)


  1. Place butter in a bowl. Heat it up at 350 (Medium-high) watts for 1 minute. (If you are using oil, this step can be skipped. Simply pour the oil into the mug along with Step 2)
  2. Crack the egg and whisk it together with the melted butter into the bowl.
  3. Put your cocoa powder (or milo powder) and brown sugar into the bowl.
  4. Beat your mixture till it looks smooth. Pour it into your mug (or you can just microwave in your bowl)
  5. Let it sit for about 30 seconds or so.
  6. Microwave your mixture for 3 minutes at 350 Watts (Medium-high)
  7. Top it up with sprinkles of chocolate chips, coffee powder or even a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


A little booze can help your day to become so much better. You know what I meant. Wink.

So, sometimes I add 2 tablespoons of my favourite red wine into the batter too.Or, I will just warm up my wine and pour it over my little brownie. Hubba hubba… It brings me to brownie heaven!

If you don’t consume alcohol, that’s cool too. I would suggest for you to mix in some bitter chocolate chips into the batter before microwaving your mug or bowl.

The results are fantastic even when you mix both together.


Every bowl or mug that you use would make a difference in the result. It is best to give the recipe a tweak based on your tools and ingredients.

If you want a better mixture of cocoa powder with flour, you can use a sift instead. However, in this recipe, I am simply suggesting the easiest way to get a delicious and moist brownie.

For example, my partner did a little experiment tonight. He could not find any all-purpose flour so he used cornflour and baking soda instead. It worked out perfectly well still!

This is my partner’s attempt at making the brownie. It was extra moist because he shortened the time to 2 minutes.

We have bowls and mugs. I have no idea why he used a Tupperware. But, hey, it worked out well for him so it is another option added. I hope this photo did not gross you out because his brownie was moist and yummy!


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