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Good morning! 3 Simple Morning Routines To Fuel Your Day

Do you feel that it is hard to get out of bed every morning? Is it tough to get your day started before having a cup of caffeine? Here are some simple morning routines to get your day started!

If you have read my previous post, you will know that I am a night owl. In other words, my brain does not function in the day. However, I did mention that I have turned over a new leaf by simply having a routine to increase my productivity.

Waking up early in the morning is one of the ways that I have used to increase my productivity. Next is to have a proper routine. I have recently realized that my morning routine is the one thing that enables me to be continuously productive for the entire day.

1. Multiple alarms away from you

Yes, set multiple alarms with a small twist. I know most people set their alarms on their mobile phones at every 30-minutes interval. I used to do the same. My alarms are set at 15 minutes intervals. I have a bad habit of turning off my alarm rather than snoozing.

Two-morning alarms are set daily. The first one goes off at 7.45am and the 2nd one goes off at 8.00am. The first one is set to a soothing music tone and the 2nd one is set with a louder ring. Why 2 alarms? The first alarm sets my morning mood and slowly awakens my mind. The 2nd alarm gives me a kick so that I can jump out of bed without contemplating to laze in bed.

In 2015, Spotify with the help of music psychologist and Cambridge PhD candidate, David M. Greenberg identified the 3-main elements for a wake-up playlist. The below is an excerpt from Business Insider’s report:

Multiple alarms help but it will help better if you place your mobile phone across the room. First of all, having your phone away from you helps you to sleep better. You will eventually learn to not scroll your phone right before your sleep. The blue-and-white light that your phone gives off can disrupt your body clock by preventing your brain from releasing melatonin.

If you must have your phone with you, do download apps that help to reduce the emission of blue-and-white light. If you have a Huawei mobile phone, you can just click on the eye-comfort button on the drop-down menu from the top.

2. 30-Minutes simple work out session

Waking up earlier than expected gives you more time to exercise as well. There are many benefits to exercising early in the morning. The best part of it all is that you do not have to go to the gym to work out.

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Working out not only increases your metabolism and provides you with long-term health benefits. Exercising helps to stop you from doing anything else that seems pressing. It gives you the headspace for you to think.

It is proven that exercising (basically movement) in the morning works better than having a cup of coffee. Just a simple 30-minutes exercise is all you need every morning to maximize your brain power and productivity.

This image is taken from Pinterest.

3. Breakfast

Eating breakfast post exercise is necessary to replenish your body. Some of the best breakfast meals include having oatmeals, greek yoghurt, fruits, wheat germ and eggs.

Feed your body and mind at the same time. For example, while having breakfast, I read some news online and move on to do a simple to-do list on Trello or in my notebook.

In order to set up a good to-do list, I use the Pareto law of 20/80. Prioritize what are the 20% tasks that can bring you the 80% results. I’ll set my day up for tasks including writing, managing accounts (max. 2 hours), lunch, reading, tasks again and then, working out at the gym.




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