Myths about lemon water

Lemon refreshment

Lemon water and its “magical powers” are more of a tale than reality, though people get into its high efficiency. However, far away from the fact that lemon water is not healthy, no one claims it, but we should know some facts.

Myth no. 1 – Lemon water helps to lose weight

Some believe that lemon has magical properties due to the amount of pectin in it or the lemon fibers that contribute to the body better and regulate digestion better, but the fact is that no fiber is left in the juice after draining.
It doesn’t have any calories so if we compare it with all the other juices and drinks, then it’s really best to lose weight, but just because it does not have calories, and because water is so much tastier in that form, so people drink it more than ordinary water.

Myth no. 2 – It can prevent diseases

This theory stems from the fact that our body’s acidic lemon juice transforms into an alkaline substance, which is a good thing for the body, but lemon cannot affect the overall health picture so much. And if we consume it too much, lemon can harm the gastric jacket and teeth.

Myth no. 3 – Lemon detoxifies the whole organism

Lemon is not the one we need to thank for detoxification, but water, although the amount of water that people drink when drinking with lemon is higher than regular water.

Myth no. 4. – Lemon accelerates metabolism

Many say that lemon juice in the morning stimulates metabolism very much, and some even claim that lemon keeps it accelerated throughout the day. Some foods accelerate metabolism, but these are those that temporarily accelerate metabolism through the heat-effect of food, like hot peppers, but no one has ever proved that lemon has such a property.
And again – water is the one that will boost your metabolism to be faster.

Myth no. 5 – Lemon rejuvenates skin

Lemon juice contains a moderately high amount of vitamin C level that is important to skin health as it helps to create collagen, but there are many other options when it comes to getting enough vitamin C and other nutrients for more beautiful skin and a youthful look!
For optimum skin health, it is better to eat a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, healthy protein from high-quality meat and seeds because such nutrition will nevertheless help produce better collagen than lemon water.

Although lemon water doesn’t have all the magical powers that people believe in, it nevertheless brings a significant advantage: when lemon is added, people drink a lot of water, and this is what is proven to be good for our health, detoxification, weight loss, healthier skin, healthier body, and faster metabolism.


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