Some ideas for vertical gardens that will inspire you

garden balcony

Vertical garden with lush greenery is one of the best ways to refresh living space. So, we present some ideas for vertical gardens that will inspire you to enter them into your home, whether it’s interior or exterior …

Innovative materials

Unexpected materials can be used to create unique vertical seedlings. Empty plastic bottles are just one of the examples you can see, and we have already talked about this “Do It Yourself” project. Also, if you have old copper pipes or you can get them at a reasonable price, they can be the ideal thing for your project.

Framed greenery

Many popular vertical gardens are framed, creating contrasts of lush greenery and sleek styling. If you do not have time to make your own garden yourself, you can buy it already prepared. You still have to choose the right place for her.

Plant pockets

Woolly Pocket offers a wide range of small scarves that are ideal for creating a vertical garden in accordance with the capabilities of your space. Their pockets for plants are easy to use and modern and are made of recycled materials. If you decide on this variant, we suggest that you build lush plants in Woolly pockets that will completely cover them with their greenery. Also, these gardens are ideal as focal points of a space.

Easy solutions

Simple materials such as oak beams, ropes, and terracotta pots are sometimes all you need to create your garden. Perfectly simple yet captivating appealing.
You can also use jars and other types of wood for this project, and instead of rope you can use metal rods that will hold your fleet out of reach.

Garden in the gutter

Gutters are ideal places to create a vertical garden, and you can often buy them for a very small amount of money. As we have already said, copper pipes are also one of the options for your garden. Whatever material you choose, all you have to do is hook the wall tube and plant your favorite herbs.

Lively panels

Today’s story will end with the celebration of the power of the panel. First of all, panels are the ideal thing if you want to decorate your fence with greenery. Modern fences work perfectly with this concept, while those fences designed to your degree, with little adjustments, are very easy to get your greening dose.

Like an enchanting piece of art or an accent wall, vertical garden panels can easily revive any space. Sometimes the plant panel is all you need to give your home an ideal dose of color and texture.

How to create your own vertical garden

If you want to create a vertical garden on a large wall, do not hesitate to call for help professionals. Their expertise is invaluable when it comes to installing and maintaining this type of garden.

But, nothing is easier than a vertical garden project if you have the will and motivation.

First, you have to choose the wall side and how much solar energy it receives throughout the day. The recommendation is to select the wall that will provide the best conditions for the particular plants you have chosen to breed.

When you select a wall, create a box. Make the whole layout before attaching it to the wall, it will be easier for you. The frame can be made of metal, wood (pallet) or PVC pipes.

Then, take the plastic foil and attach them to the frame. Place the ground in the box and cover it with the cloth to keep it from the ground and the plants inside.

As vertical gardens quickly dry, you must provide enough moisture to the plants. You can make your irrigation system yourself or buy it. You should also think about the micro and macro elements in the soil, so it would be desirable to have a fertilizer system to fertilize it.

We have come to the best part, and this is a plant selection. Beware of the amount of solar energy, cold, wind, humidity, each plant has its affinities to a particular area.


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