Stop doing these things and you will have more money


Do you have the feeling that for some people money just fall from the sky,
while on the other you are working hard and seeing only a minus on a bank account each month?

Small things make a difference

Tom Corely has spent five years devoting himself to studying the differences between people who have money and those who have no money and discovered some differences. If you recognize yourself in some of these situations, change them as soon as possible and the balance in your wallet will be corrected.

Corely refers to people who have earned the money by their work. Also, poverty is often caused by external factors such as the quality of the country in which the person lives. But if we can do something to make things better, why not do it?

You’re getting up late

Most high-income businesses start at least three hours before going to work, which means about five in the morning. They use that time for planning, personal projects, sports and meditation. Early rising does not mean a little sleep. Most of them sleep at least seven hours.

You do not like to meet people

People who have money know how important it is to maintain contacts and will not skip the opportunity to congratulate people, holidays and birthdays on a wider circle of people.

You communicate with toxic people

96 percent of people with financial problems have admitted to socializing with toxic people and that they are often in a society that harasses other people. Unlike them, successful people hang out with inspirational and positive people.

You believe in fate

Fortunately and fate you can rely on when you unsure between red and black shoes, but not when you unsure about a job or a new apartment. Unlike unsuccessful people, successful people take responsibility for their lives and their decisions.

The research has shown that as many as 90 percent of poor people blame fate for their situation and spend money on gambling.

You do not like reading books

“Do not read means not to think,” Dostoevsky said. 88 percent of rich people will agree with the big Russian writer. Corley discovered that successful people spend at least half an hour reading books each day, mostly literature on self-development, a history book, or something related to the profession. Only two percent of the poor do the same.

Hate your job

More than 85 percent of rich and successful people love their job, polls show. The poor see a lot more flaws in their business than the advantages that they take away their energy and the opportunity to correct the situation and make progress.

You do not care about health

Strong people give a lot of attention to their health. This includes regular examinations, a healthy lifestyle, sport, balanced diet, avoiding weddings and bad habits. In contrast, in those with lower income, only 13 percent see the link between health and success.

You do not risk it

Only six percent of poor people will dare to risk, as opposed to 50 percent of rich who are willing to take risks.

You are reality fan

As many as 78 percent of people who are not rich say they like to watch an entertainment program that touches the private lives of other people. This group includes only six percent of the rich.


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