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The Best Airline Meals You’ll Find in The Skies

Image credit: singaporeair@Instagram

An airplane isn’t exactly the first place that comes to mind when thinking about a good meal. It’s cramped and shaky, and you may be too nervous to enjoy your food. However, any airline meal that’s good can immediately lift you spirits and cheer you up.An especially attractive meal can also break the monotony of flying, especially on long haul flights.

These are just some of the delicious meals served by airlines all over the world. Some of from the economy classes, while others are more luxurious and served in business class or premium cabins:

1.  All Nippon Airways’s Bento Box

Image credit: linisgod@Instagram

ANA is Japan’s premier airline and they take a lot of pride in their traditional food. Here, rice balls are paired with Inarizushi ( a sweet tofu skin stuffed with rice) and a beautiful fish cake in the shape of a Sakura flower. Grilled fish is served with slices of  lotus root, and you can see some sashimi too. There’s even Tobiko fish eggs and miso soup to round out the meal.

2. Emirate’s Italian Meal

Image credit: Sequins.galore@Instagram

This Italian inspired meal is Emirate’s dinner for Economy class travelers and there are so many things to get excited about. If you had this meal in front of you, where would you start? We would probably start with the cheese and crackers and then follow it up with the soft dinner roll and butter. After that, the potato salad on the top left and finally the main dish.

On this main dish is a generous cut of grilled chicken covered in brown sauce. You may be wondering what those yellow things are. Well, they’re gnocchi, and Italian food made of potatoes mixed with flour. Don’t forget the fruit crumble custard for dessert too!

3. Singapore Airline’s Blend of East and West

Image credit: singaporeair@Instagram

In this eclectic creation, grilled salmon is paired with Asian egg noodles, as well as some eastern vegetables like long beans and shiitake mushrooms. There’s even a baked potato with sauce on the side. A shrimp salad lends a refreshing taste to the ensemble, and there appears to be something like candied or jellied fruits for dessert.

4. Malaysian Airline’s Chinese Breakfast

Image credit: connectedmachines@Instagram

In this light and easy breakfast, ‘Chee Cheong Fun’ or rice rolls are served with tofu puffs and fish cakes. On top, there’s a sprinkling of fried shallots and spring onions for that extra flavor.

This mix is served with two types of sauces, a spicy chili sauce and sweet plum sauce that you can add as much as you want. Malaysian airlines seems to have thrown in a small piece of chocolate as a treat on the side too.

5. Turkish Airline’s Grilled Fish

Image credit: groomyjl@Instagram

A very healthy meal with minimal oil and grease. This grilled fish meal is served with a potato gratin and steamed vegetables that include broccoli and carrots. Even the sides are healthy. There’s a green papaya salad on the top left and a pickled cucumber salad beside it. For dessert, some Harissa, an middle eastern cake made of semolina flour.

6. Asiana Airlines’ Royal Korean Cuisine

Image credit: jetstayeat@Instagram

Bibimbap is a well loved Korean dish where rice is mixed with several shredded vegetables and minced meat, as well as a generous dollop of red Gochujang sauce. Here, Bibimbap is served in the royal style with  side dishes that includes beef spare ribs.

The number of banchan or side dishes showed the rank of a person in the past and anyone who had more than 7 was considered royalty. Here the side dishes include dried seaweed, rolled omelettes and tofu. A bowl chive soup is also provided to wash everything down.

7. Delta Airline’s Antipasto Plate

Image credit: solestraveling@Instagram

This meal is perfect for anyone wanting a low-carb diet. The antipasto plate is filled with cold cuts or antipasti, which are Italian starters. The most obvious component of the plate would be the ham, which looks a lot like Iberico ham. Additionally, there are several cheese on the platter including Mozarella. There are also vegetables like Zucchini and a lettuce. Olives are sprinkled on this antipasto platter, and there’s a cup of Tiramisu for dessert.

8. Thai Airways’ Western Fare

Image credit:

Thai Airways has won many awards for its in-flight meals. This fried chicken schnitzel meal comes with a generous helping of coleslaw and a fruit and shrimp salad on the side. There’s also what appears to be a cream tart for dessert. The whole meal is simple, but filling and well balanced. If you notice, it’s pretty low in sugars too.


9. Austrian Airline’s Triangular Delights

Image credit: simply_aviation@Instagram

Thick cuts of butter fish fillet are served here with boiled green spinach and Mediterranean lentils for a colorful meal. Two salads are included, one fruit and one with green vegetables. There’s even a piece of pie for dessert. Can you believe that this meal is meant for economy class? It’s presented in a really fancy manner with triangular dishes.

10. Indonesian Airlines’ Spicy Rice

Image credit: simply_aviation@Instagram

Indonesian Airlines will give you an authentic taste of their traditional cuisine in this one meal. Here, nasi kunyit or rice with turmeric is served with some long beans and fried tempe. Tempe is typically found in Indonesia and Malaysia. It’s made by fermenting soybeans with a fungi until the whole thing becomes cake-like. Apart from that, there’s a braised egg and some super hot chili sauce known as sambal to go along with the meal. The top of the rice is sprinkled with some fried shallots for that extra fragrance.

If you like traditional food and want to visit Indonesia to try some of their dishes, one great place to drop by is of course Bali. Read this article to know what culinary delights Bali has to offer you. Wherever you travel in the world, you’ll definitely find good food, but these are the recommended cities for the best street food you’ll find on your travels. Have fun travelling and eating!


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