The man like a battery

human energy

Walking, pedaling, kicking, even making love produces heat energy that could be used in different ways. The human body may be an attractive alternative source of fuel which doesn’t give much energy.

From about 3,000 calories that are usually consumed during the day, most of it is spent on maintaining our body’s functions and maintaining constant body temperature. The remaining energy is used to move, but 85% of this is lost by heat dissipation, and 15% turns into the mechanical movement that can generate electricity. That energy would be enough to make one light bulb turned on for 24 hours.

Scientists have been bothering to use human energy for some other purpose.

Sex – During ten minutes of sex a lot of energy is used. If these ten minutes could turn into usable energy, it would take 344 sexual relationships to create enough currents to heat the water in a 1.2kW boiler for five minutes of showering.
Soccer Ball Strike – If a wall or an obstacle would be found in front of a soccer ball on her path, and could gather and capture the energy of the impact, it would take over one million hits to create the current that would fill our homes for 24 hours.
Boxer strike – imagine a boxer kick of 2500 watts in a device capable of utilizing this energy. If 400,000 boxers hit the device at the same time, they would attain the productivity of a nuclear power plant.
The step – one step can supply power for two 60w bulbs for one second. The strength of a train with 14 wagons is 8800kW. So for one shift of the train, it would be necessary to make 73334 human steps simultaneously.
Applause – Assuming the clapping of the hands is about 170W, 70,000 people simultaneously applauding at a concert would allow the work of 20 audio devices of 500 kW.
Scream – A human scream has a power of 0.01W. It would take 300 screams at the same time to create a 3kW current.
Winds – One liter of gas released during the day from the human body contains about 0.1 liters of methane. It would take 35 billion such “winds” per hour to power the 760MW electric power plant.
A bite – an adult bite can reach 15 joules if the person would chew for 10 minutes. If this energy could be stored, this energy would allow the operation of a 900W microwave oven to ten seconds.
Swimming – When achieving record-breaking swimming at 50 meters, Brazilian Sezaro spent 37,750J. If this energy could be used, it would take 70,000 such swimmers to equalize the power of a 2640kW power plant.


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