These Desserts Are Just Too Pretty to Eat

Desserts are pretty much why many of us look forward to a meal. These sweet indulgences can bring a smile to our lips and melt our hearts. Plus they’re just great to have on days when you feel stressed or down. Sugar, in moderate amounts, can actually help to boost moods.

Most of the time we reach for a fluffy cake or some cool ice cream. However, there are many dessert connoisseurs around the world who are masters at their craft. They have created some of the most beautiful desserts on Earth, which you can see here:

 1. Sakura Jelly Cakes

These cakes are made from clear konyaku or konjac jelly. There’s always a piece of salted preserved Sakura flower inside, and sometimes a fresh one. Salted Sakura taste a little bit like preserved plums and give the jelly a sweet, fragrant and sour flavor. There is sometimes a layer of cake at the bottom. These delicate creations come from Japan where they’re prepared by many cafes and bakeries there.

Image credit: Pinterest

2. Uchiwa Lolipops

Uchiwa are traditional Japanese summer fans and one dessert artist in Asakusa has turned them into lollipops. Shinri Tezuka who practices the traditional art of sugar crafting created these see through candies that are handmade and carefully crafted. They’re sold at his shop called Amezaiku Ameshin where he also runs classes.

Image credit: candy_ameshin@twitter

3. Kek Lapis Sarawak

Sarawak is a state in Malaysia that’s located on the island of Borneo. There, they specialize in the intricate art of making kek lapis or layered cake. The cake batter is made of flour with lots of eggs, and each layer is baked before a new layer is added.

The simplest kek lapis is a plain brown layered cake that looks like Mille Crepe. However, kek lapis producers in Sarawak bring it up a notch by adding colors and flavors to their cake and creating intricate patterns. These patterns are made by cutting previously made cakes into geometric pieces, re-assembling them and baking them in another layer of cake batter.

Image credit: Asian Itinerary

4. Geometric Cake Toppings

These amazing cake tops are made by Dinara Kasko, a Ukrainian architect turned chef. They’re painstakingly made by a 3D printer. She’s gaining loads of publicity all over the world for her creations which are made from sheets of chocolate. Her cake designs are inspired by her background and training, and she favors geometric and angular designs.

Image credit: Dinara Kasko @ Instagram

5. Rose Ice Creams

These incredibly shaped ice creams have been making an appearance in several Asian countries, beginning in Japan and South Korea. They’re being offered by several ice cream brands there are people are just lapping them up. However, they have to be eaten quickly or they lose their shape pretty fast.

They’re made with special ice cream scoops that can shape individual ‘petals’ which are then assembled to form the shape of a flower.

Image credit: NTD Television

6. Japanese Wagashi

Japanese wagashi are small sweets made from rice flour, usually filled with red bean, green bean, sesame paste and the like. The art of making wagashi is usually a well guarded family secret and passed down from generation to generation.

Each region in Japan has their own special type of wagashi. These tiny desserts are often consumed with green tea, which is able to balance out the sweet taste. Wagashi are typically made to look pretty, as the Japanese believe that you don’t just eat with your taste buds, but your eyes as well.

Image credit Jpinfo

7. Naturally Jo’s Vegan Creations

16 year old vegan Jose’s Instagram page has been generating lots of buzz with people swooning over his beautiful creations. He’s all out to promote healthy eating and snacking with smoothies, cakes, waffles and other dessert ( or breakfast) foods that are just too pretty. Many of his designs are dreamy, and invoke a love of fantasy and fiction.

Image credit:

8. Rubix Cakes

Cake trends come and go, but we hope this one stays longer. Rubix cakes are actually a combination of 27 little cubes of cakes arranged into one large cube. They’re usually different colors and the pastry chef can decide if they will have different flavors inside too.

Making it is actually a pretty tedious process, as each cube is often made of several layers. The pastry chef’s skill and patience comes into play as he has to ensure that they’re all perfectly the same size, or else the cake will be lopsided and unbalanced.

Image credit: cedricgrolet@Instagram

9. Mirror Glazed Cakes

Another cake trend that makes everyone’s eyes sparkle are mirror glazed cakes. They’re so smooth on the surface that you can literally see yourself reflected. These cakes aren’t easy to make, and they require a bit of practice. The glaze is mainly made of sugar and gelatin, which gives it its extra smooth surface.

Image credit: Angel Foods

10. Chocolate Easter Eggs

No one could have predicted that Easter eggs can look this good. These chocolate Easter eggs come from several places in the world, including Disney. The chocolate artistry demonstrated here is definitely of the highest order. Most of the time these Easter chocolate eggs aren’t meant to be eaten, but to be showcased as food art pieces.

This is all well and good, because you probably can’t bring yourself to eat them either.

Image credit: Pinterest

11. Cute Animal Donuts

If you don’t have a pet at home, all you need to do is pick one of these babies up from the bakery and you won’t feel so lonely. These animal themed donuts have been making an appearance in two Japanese bakeries called Ikumima and Floresta.

They’re painstakingly handmade. Each donut is attached with ears and their colored sugary glaze is carefully poured on. Finally, melted chocolate is used to create whiskers, noses, eyes and other details.

Image credit: Kotaku

Do you have a favourite dessert that’s too good to eat? Is there a specialty dessert shop in your town or city you want us to know about? Just comment below and let us know!


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