Three tests for proper posture


What is the condition of your spine? To conclude, these simple tests will help you.

Ears and shoulders – ask someone to take a picture of you and then look at it. If the imagined line from the point of the overhead bones to the point of the earlap is vertical, it means that your head doesn’t fall forward and the posture is correct.
Pens in hands – put a pencil in both hands, stand in front of the mirror, relax your hands. Pay attention to pencils; if they are on the same level – everything is fine. If they are at a certain angle to the body or are facing each other – you are distorted.
Checking your back muscles – Sit on your chair and level your back. Push your arms forward and hold them for 30 seconds. Do you still keep your back straight? Or do your hands “push” you down? If it’s the second case – it’s time for exercises to strengthen your back muscles.

Lie on your stomach, connect your legs, and place your hands with your palms facing down. Raise the neck together with your shoulders until you feel tense. In the extreme position, hold the neck and shoulders in the air for a few seconds and slowly return to the lying position. Do not separate your hands and feet from the floor. Boot 20 times.

In the second exercise, stretch your hands in front of you while your feet are on the floor. Spread the upper part of the body without any sudden movement or twitching. Repeat 20 exercises.

In the third exercise, you will lift your arms and feet from the floor at the same time with no twitch. And do this exercise 20 times.
In this exercise, you are doing a “fish.” You go up and down alternating arms and legs movements. Try to do it for 30 seconds.

From the lying position, pluck your body to the side while relying on the forearm of one hand and slowly lift the body away from the floor while holding the other arm upright above the body.
Though the legs should be stretched one over the other, move the upper leg over the bottom so you can significantly facilitate the exercise. Hold the position for 10-20 seconds. This exercise activates the lateral back muscles.

And for the end, position yourself in the quadruple position (cat position) – relying on your knees and palms that should be spaced equally. While breathing in, lower your lower spine toward the ground while lifting your head upwards. With the release, raise the lower part of the spine upward, lowering your head towards the chest. Repeat the exercise several times.
Repeat all exercises once, and back exercises work 3 to 4 times a week, and you will quickly strengthen your muscles and improve your spine.


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