(Pt. 2) Dating & Relationships: A Tinder’s Love Story

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couple, love

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They texted daily, intensely. From texting, they started to send each other photos of their day. From photos, it became voice messages and slowly it became video calls.

Within a span of a month’s time, Alexander and Emma were inseparable. They were still physically apart but they were emotionally and mentally together.

They were both aware of their feelings toward each other now. Alexander finally told Emma about his past relationship that no one else knew much about, vice versa. They decided that they need to spend more time together physically before they go any further.

Stay with me

Emma wanted to hug Alexander so badly when she learned about his past. However, she did not want to scare him away by being too forward.

Weeks passed and Emma finally invited Alexander to stay over at her place when he flies into her city again. Alexander was surprised by Emma’s forward approach.

Alexander ignored Emma’s invitation as he convinced himself that he had misheard Emma, and that made Emma felt like a fool. She was confused if Alexander actually heard her invitation, so she asked him again.

This time, Alexander was both anxious and thrilled. He was excited to know that Emma wanted him around her. He reconfirmed with Emma multiple times and booked his flights minutes later. Emma was equally thrilled since she knew Alexander is coming over to stay with her for a week.

However, Emma was still worried that she may fall too hard for Alexander and be hurt again. She told Alexander that she was not intending to have sex with him. Secretly, she was worried that if they do have sex, she would be just another Tinder girl for Alexander.

Alexander was very respectful and understanding towards Emma. Inside him, he felt it was unnecessary for Emma to make such a request because he will never violate her. At the same time, he understood that Emma just wanted to make things clear and not want things to be awkward.

Fear and awkwardness

Alexander and Emma are often seen as fearless by their peers and family. No one would have guessed that they could be so soft on the inside and be afraid of falling in love.

Of course, meeting each other through Tinder did not help with the nervousness that everything may just be another lie. They have both had their fair share of shitty relationships.

A night before Alexander arrived in Emma’s city, they were both worried that things may be awkward when they meet this time. They tried to imagine how they would both react. They laughed about it. Alexander finally reassured Emma that it will all be fine.

With Alexander’s reassurance, Emma fell asleep in peace.

I love you

From the moment their eyes locked, both Alexander and Emma wouldn’t stop smiling. Alexander gave Emma a big hug and a kiss. It was a very much long awaited touch that lit up the world in both of them.

They spent the night talking and enjoying each other’s company. It felt like they have known each other for forever. It felt surreal for Emma. Did her birthday wish just came true?

With tears in her eyes and trembling hands, afraid of being rejected, Emma told Alexander, “I love you”. Alexander looked at Emma without saying a word initially. Then, he grabbed her into his arms and replied that he loves her too.

Move with me

Two days later, Alexander asked Emma to quit her job and move countries with him. At this point in time, they were certain that they are soulmates.

Needless to say, Emma is just as hopelessly romantic as Alexander is. She agreed and tendered her resignation the very next day. No plans, no saving, nothing. She took the big leap for the love of her life.

Emma had to wait two months before she could leave the country due to her work contract. Within the two months, they were faced with multiple challenges.

Emma found out that it was not as easy as she thought it is to go to another country. The whole visa situation was a true challenge but the bigger challenge was the lack of financial support.

Arguments arose and problems came one after another. At one point, Emma just wanted to give up on the relationship. However, Alexander stayed strong. He was the one who kept things together when all seems to fail.

Six months later

Life has changed for the both of them. Alexander and Emma are now living together. Country hopping, working out and improving themselves seem to be their new hobbies.

They have gone through ups and downs faster than the average couple would have. They have learned to deal with their differences and be that power couple that everyone envies.

Nobody knows if they will always be together but that would certainly be the hope of many of them. This two parts article is not enough to explain how much they have been through.

However, this is not the end of their story. There will be many more days, months and years to come for these two beautiful souls!

couple, love

Image from Pixabay.

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