(Pt. 1) Dating & Relationships: A Tinder’s Love Story

Disclaimer: This is not your usual tragic love story from Tinder. All names have been altered to protect their privacy.

Tinder is a hate me or love me dating app. Swipe left to ignore. Swipe right to start chatting, or wait for the other person to swipe right at you too.

Some people are lucky to find their soulmates on it, while most fail terribly in finding genuine human beings. Nothing else matters more than your physical looks on this dating app. Basically, that’s just how social media works too. It is all about how the person looks like through the photographs. No one knows the struggle behind neither the amount of time put into editing the image.

If you have been on Tinder before, you will know what I am saying. It’s obviously easier for those who look good in their photos to get a match. What happens after the match is a whole different story, of course.

It is not all hope is lost. There are those who are lucky enough to find their soulmates through Tinder. The chances to find your soulmate here on this app is low but it is not impossible.

Here is a rare true story that I have learned about. A love story of 2 ordinary people, Alexander and Emma, who were worlds apart but fell in love through Tinder.

Emma from the East

“Stop!”, Emma yelled. She looked at her clock and realized that it was 3 am on a Friday.

Emma woke up in sweat as she dreamt of her last relationship. She’s been abused by that lying, cheating and sociopathic ex-boyfriend of hers. It has been almost a year since she walked away from that toxic relationship yet, still traumatized.

She fell back on her pillow as she feels relieved that it was just a dream. Click. Her brain starts to twirl and wonder how many more times must she be reminded of the time that asshole slapped her. How many more times does she need to hear those painful accusations thrown at her? That very same asshole that she once loved cheated on her while she went through a miscarriage.

Emma’s Birthday

As her own tradition, Emma spends her birthday overseas. She did not like the idea of making a big fuss over her birthday. However, this year, she felt a little bit lonelier than usual.

She was not looking to be in another relationship. She was dying to simply know that there are better men out there for her. So, this time she did not delete Tinder when she got back home.

She contemplated about her choice multiple times. Each time being worried what if she falls for the wrong guy, again?

Two days of contemplation and Emma finally decided. All she wanted was to go back to that jovial, socially active and sexually active person again. No, she doesn’t need a man to feel complete. She just wanted the company of someone who can give her all the smooches and cuddles in the world, when she needs it.

Alexander from the West

Alexander is a renown designer in his field. He had a good job but was unhappy with life at home.

He has gone through some hellish like relationships. It came to the point that Alexander has lost his ability to smile and be happy. He lost the ability to fall in love again. It has been 4 years since his last relationship where he was cheated on and squandered off his life-savings.

Alexander was unable to share his story with anyone including his close friends and family. He suffered from depression alone and found company by hooking up with girls from Tinder.

One fine day, he decided to just quit his job to travel the world. He packed his bags and left for Asia, in hope for a new life. It was fun having different girls from time to time, but he still felt empty on the inside.

As much as he enjoyed being in his favourite city, he knew he had to move on to another city soon for work. So, he went on Tinder Passport (a premium service on Tinder) to get to know the locals of his next city.

Tinder profiles

Emma’s profile photos were not the usual selfies nor did she have model shots. All she had on her profile was a couple of goofy photos of herself. One particular photo she had was of her climbing a rock and looked like she was dying of exhaustion. Not too sure what she was trying to portray herself.

Alexander had random photos on Tinder. One was him creating some arts with his friends which did not show his face. Another one was him petting a big black dog which showed his face partially. The last one showed him looking into a distance in a not so flattering angle.

They both did not say much in their profile description. The only thing that was clear on Emma’s profile is that she is looking for friends only.

10,000 Kilometres apart

Alexander was in Taiwan when he matched with Emma who was on a tripton Beijing. That is the power of Tinder passport. It can match you with people from any city that you choose.

Emma did not receive the match till she went back home. She was clueless about Tinder passport, so to see that Alexander was 10,000 kilometres away from her, made her curious about the match.

She initiated the text. Her first text, “Hi. I see that you are 10,000 kilometres away from me. Can’t help to wonder where you are located now. Are you in Beijing?”

A couple of hours later, Alexander replied and said that he has never been to Beijing. In fact, he was in Taipei, Taiwan. Alexander was on his way to the airport. His flight was to the city that Emma lives in. Alexander explained to Emma about his Tinder Passport account.

couple, together, love

The image is taken from Maxpixel.

They met over milk tea

If there is one thing in this world that can make Emma happy, that would be delicious food and drinks or a puppy.

With no shame at all, Emma asked if Alexander could buy her 2 bottles of her favourite milk tea from Taipei. It was not her usual style to ask a stranger, in fact, anyone for favours.

Alexander was taken aback by the request from Emma as they have just spoken for less than 5 minutes through Tinder. It was insane but he agreed to it anyway.

They exchanged Instagrams and chat on for days before they met up. Their first meet up was in a cafe near Emma’s place.

Emma being Emma, showed up with her shorts, flip flops and messy hair. Not forgetting to mention, she was late to the meetup. Alexander was dressed casually and again, felt surprised with Emma.

By now, most guys would have thought that Emma is a slob. However, lucky for Emma, Alexander was not the average dude. He found Emma to be very interesting and different.

They spent the night talking from sports to cultures and to countries they have visited. It was a casual yet, intellectual conversation. They parted ways that night but continued to chat for days.

The world paused because of you

They met up again before Alexander left to another country. Alexander was keen to try some local food and so Emma invited him to a cultural dinner event.

From where Alexander was from, girls do not gorge food down their throat in front of men. He was startled by how much Emma can actually eat. Emma’s behaviour intrigued Alexander further.

Before they parted their ways, Alexander gave Emma a big hug. Emma felt like the world has paused for a moment when Alexander hugged her. She did not know what to make of that hug but one thing for sure, she wanted to know Alexander more than.

Alexander felt the same about Emma. He wanted to know her more and more. There has not been such a strong attraction and feeling towards anyone else that he has met in the last 4 years. He knew Emma is different.

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