Top 5 SEA Destinations For Couples This Valentine’s Day 2018

Planning for a romantic getaway with your loved one or are you planning to surprise your partner with a great time this Valentine’s Day? If yes, this is the article that you don’t want to miss! Here are 5 top destinations in South East Asia for some romantic time off.

Believe it or not, South East Asia has some of the most romantic places to visit and it is near home (for my readers based in South East Asia). These places are most suitable if you are on a low budget or a tight schedule (4 days 3 nights is all that you need!).

#1 Bagan, Myanmar or Siem Reap, Cambodia

Sorry! I really cannot pick just one of them. Both locations are beautiful and hopelessly romantic for couples who love to explore temples.

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Bagan is the best place for sunrise location hunting. Go on an adventure with your partner to enjoy the most magical sunrise in your life overlooking the 2,000 Buddhist monuments lay across the Bagan Archaeological Park. For the best sunrise and tips about travelling in Myanmar, refer to the other article that I have written about my last Myanmar trip.

Visit the largest Hindu temple that has ever been built and discover love in the city of temples. To have more privacy and time to explore not just temples but also your partners, do visit Ta Phrom, which is known to be the most romantic temple in Siem Reap (Click here to read more about Siem Reap).

Both cities do not just provide you with an endless joy of temple exploration, there are other fun and interesting things to do there. For example, shopping at the local’s market, riverside candlelight dinner, cooking classes, and sunset river cruises.

#2 Sipadan Island, Malaysia

Looking into travelling to the Maldives but it is too expensive? That’s cool. It is said that Sipadan Water Village can provide you with a lifetime experience. Baracuda Point at Sipadan Island has also been voted as the top 10 places to dive and snorkel in the world. Under the sea, you shall explore love like a mermaid!

If you are unaware, Malaysians love our food. Thus, we offer our guests with the best fusion style food. Your romantic dinner will be a splendour experience. Imagine delicious fine dining experience by the beach under the stars. Will you and your partner not be jubilant?

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Image via Scuba Dive Asia

#3 Lovina Beach (Bali), Indonesia

Ah~~ yes, the ever so famous honeymoon location in the world. How can I not include it…

Bali may now be known more for its crazy beach parties and digital nomads, there is still one part of Bali that will make your partner’s heart melt. Arrange for swimming with dolphins in the north coast of Bali, a couple spa session, and a romantic sunset dinner by the beach. If you are planning to pop the question, this place shall be your top pick!

Other romantic spots that you should visit on the way to Lovina Beach for a wonderful time are Tanah Lot and Ubud. These places offer the best healing powers for your spirituality.

On the other hand, check this article out to find out what are the must-eat food in Bali!

lovina, dolphin, bali, romantic

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#4 Palawan Island, Philippines

From kayaking to paddle boarding to island hopping by zip lining, Palawan will not disappoint you. This beautiful island has amazing resorts line up El Nido Beach. You can definitely expect to spend some quality and private time with the love of your life here.

P/S: Some people claim that El Nido is better than the Maldives!

#5 Hoi An, Vietnam

Vietnam is full of romantic places to visit but Hoi An is my number one choice! This ancient city offers more than just beautiful architecture and delicious food. Streets in this ancient city are lit up with colourful traditional lanterns that add up the romantic feeling. It is also by far the cheapest romantic destination on this list!
(Click here to read more about Hoi An…)

hoi an, romantic, beautiful, vietnam

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