Weird Ice Cream Flavors That Will Make You All Curious

Ice cream is one of those things that everyone loves. It’s great for cooling down on a hot day, and can be used as a topping for any kind of dessert. In short, ice cream makes everything better. Most of us are pretty used to flavors like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

However, if you’re on the adventurous side, give these ones a go. They’re an adventurous departure from the usual fruit and nutty flavor that you’ll find in the refrigerator of your local store.

1.Beef Tongue Gelato

Namja Town is an indoor theme park in Tokyo, Japan. Here you’ll find a booth called ‘Ice Cream City’ where you can take away a few scoops. Here you’ll find about fifty ice cream flavors that are both weird and wonderful.  Oyster gelato, miso noodle, curry,  beef tongue, eel and salt flavored ice cream is a norm here. You’ll be asked to choose six scoops of ice cream which will be served in a special container. If you’re ever there, make sure you go for the really outrageous ones.

Image credit: Om Nom Nomad

2. Alaskan Fireweed

Rather than being a weed, the Alaskan Fireweed is a type of purple flower. The locals in Alaska have turned it into an ice cream flavor that’s usually paired with honey. You can only find this in Alaska though, and recognize it by its light purple color.

Apart from ice-cream, Fireweed is also turned into jellies, cakes and a type of syrup called Fireweed honey. The petals of the Fireweed flower are boiled with sugar, water and lemon juice before being used as a flavoring. People who have tried it says it tastes brings, flowery and cheerful. Just like spring.

Image credit: Pinterest

3. Ben & Bill’s Lobster Ice Cream

In Maine, you’ll find Ben & Bill’s Ice Cream Emporium. They specialize in unusual ice cream flavors and their best seller is their lobster ice cream. The ice cream has a butter base, with real lobster chunks woven in. Those who have tried the ice cream say that it’s rich and smooth, but not to the point of cloying your taste buds.

Image credit: College Humor

4. Garlic Ice Cream

Although this isn’t found at any one ice cream shop, garlic flavored ice cream has popped up in several food festivals in United States. There have been different versions created, but the most common one in just to bake garlic cloves until they’re soft, then mash them to a pulp and add them to vanilla ice cream.

There’s also an alternative version of this ice cream made from smoked garlic. Smoked garlic is supposed to give a more mellow flavour that works well with caramel ice creams and isn’t as sharp as the raw version.

Image credit: Prom Coast Ice Cream

5. Vegetable Ice Creams from Haagen Daaz

In Japan, world famous ice cream brand Haagen Daaz has released a series of ice cream flavors called SpoonVege. From its name, you’ll be able to conclude that these ice creams are vegetable flavored. Examples of these are the carrot and tomato versions.

Those who have tried it say that it’s not too sweet and the vegetable flavors aren’t that strong, which results in a creamy and light ice cream that’s perfect for those who want to indulge in some dessert, but want it to be healthy too.

Image credit: BrainJet

6. Spaghetti Popsicle

Akagi Nyugyo is a Japanese dessert company that specializes in western food flavored ice popsicles. This line of food flavored ice lollies are known as Gari-gari kun and the one that stands out the most is definitely the spaghetti flavored one. Previously, they’ve released flavors like corn chowder and cream stew to unprecedented success. These popsicles were flying off the shelves.

In Japan, spaghetti with a tomato sauce is widely known as spaghetti Napolitan, so this particular bar of iced lolly is called the Napolitan Gari-gari kun. Reviews have said that it’s pretty sweet with a strong taste of creamy tomato sauce.

Image credit: SoraNews24

7. Bacon Ice Cream

Several western ice cream brands actually carry bacon ice cream, and it’s usually paired with maple syrup. The ice cream itself will have bits of bacon meat, and usually the taste of bacon is very subtle and the sweetness of the maple syrup actually overshadows it.

However, if you focus, you’ll be able to capture the smoky, deep savory taste of fried bacon. You won’t have to worry because the greasy taste of bacon is melted away by the sweetness and creaminess. Bacon ice cream is usually topped with real bacon bits to give it a crunch.

Image credit: The Spruce

8. Charcoal Ice Cream

Many may wonder whether this jet black ice cream is safe for consumption. The good news is, it’s perfectly safe. In fact, it may even be healthy. The main ingredient of charcoal or coal ice cream is activated charcoal. They are cleaned and refined to be food grade.

Activated charcoal is usually prescribed in pill forms for people suffering from various stomach issues. This is because the activated charcoal can neutralize toxins. Although it lends a dark color to the ice cream, activated charcoal itself doesn’t have any flavor, so the ice cream pretty much taste like vanilla.

Image credit: Tasty Food

9. Nasi Lemak Ice Cream

Nasi Lemak is a dish of rice cooked in coconut milk found in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. The coconut rice is served with a spicy chili paste called sambal, as well as peanuts and fried anchovies. This rice dish has been turned into an ice cream by Skream Softserve, a Malaysian ice cream parlor.

This ice cream is primarily made with coconut milk, and it’s topped with the necessary condiments, especially sambal which is a must.

Image credit: Rojak Daily

10. Salted Egg Ice Cream

In recent years Asia has been hit by a salted egg craze, in which this humble Chinese condiment has been turned into a host of savory and sweet foods. From salted egg croissants to salted egg waffles, it’s everywhere. That’s why salted egg ice cream comes as no surprise.

Far from being salty, this ice cream, which is made from the yolks of salted duck eggs actually has a custard-like flavor.

Image credit: Blog by g4gary

Don’t let any qualms stop you from being adventurous and trying all the weird and wacky ice creams out there. You’ll never know if you’ll like it or not. Also check out our list of the world’s most mind boggling sodas if you want more strange things to try.

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